Instacoin Plans To Support Ethereum On All of Their Lamassu Bitcoin ATMs

More interesting developments could be coming in the world of digital currency over the next few months. Now that Bitcoin ATM manufacturer Lamassu has announced their software will support Ethereum next to Bitcoin; various ATM operators are contemplating whether or not they should offer this functionality as well. Instacoin, a company operating over 16 Lamassu ATMs in Canada, is planning to support Ethereum shortly.

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Lamassu Supporting Ethereum Is Big For ATM Business

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Although Bitcoin enthusiasts might feel how much – or little – supporting Ethereum on Bitcoin ATMs will matter over the coming years, this move by Lamassu could put digital currency on the map all over the world. ATM manufacturers have to keep evolving as well, and Lamassu is the first one to venture into the world of supporting a currency that is not Bitcoin.

It remains to be seen how big the impact of Ethereum-enabled support on Bitcoin ATMs will have over time, though. While there seems to be a growing demand for the Ether token right now – across exchanges that are – it is impossible to predict if consumers will be actively looking for this digital currency though Bitcoin ATMs as well.

That is not keeping Instacoin from giving the concept a try, though. Based on one of their recent tweets, they are planning to integrate Ethereum support into all of the Bitcoin ATMs they are managing. Right now, this news means 16 Lamassu Bitcoin ATMs in Canada will be upgraded to support Ethereum as well later this year.

But that is not all, as the company is looking to expand their Bitcoin ATM offerings this year as well. Although not too many details are known at this time, it looks like Instacoin is planning to obtain more Lamassu ATMs in Canada, either pre-owned devices or brand new ones. People looking to get rid of their Bitcoin ATM can always contact the support team through this website.

It is positive to see companies such as Instacoin focus their efforts on bringing more Bitcoin ATMs to Canada. Moreover, the company is focusing their attention on one specific region, rather than spreading these devices too thinly all over the country. All of their devices are located the Quebec area, with a large focus on Montreal.

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