SaruTobi Players Can Now Donate Earnings To The Water Project

SaruTobi remains a very popular game among Bitcoin enthusiasts who own an iOS device. Although no one will be getting rich overnight by any means, but there is some decent money to be made from a game that is entirely free to play. To spread the word on Bitcoin even further, the SaruTobi developer has built in a new feature into the game that lets players donate a percentage of their winnings to charity.

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SaruTobi Gaming For Charity

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To start off this new feature integrated into the SaruTobi game, the developers have added an option in the game menus to donate a portion of in-game earnings to The Water Project, which is one of the many charities in the world accepting Bitcoin donations directly. Moreover, The Water Project is a necessary organization, as they provide clean water to African communities.

There are many different use cases for Bitcoin and digital currency in general, and donating to charity is definitely on that list. Similar to what Catapultian is trying to do, SaruTobi wants to expand the use cases of Bitcoin to support the people who are in need of financial aid. Even though all of us would like to get rich through Bitcoin one way or another, it is important to share the wealth when we can.

Keeping in mind how SaruTobi players can earn a bit of money by playing a game to kill some time, it only seems to make sense to embed a donation option. Passively supporting charities bringing drinking water to African communities is a great way to spread the word on Bitcoin.

Moreover, this concept is an interesting way to get more people donating to a great cause. Rather than collecting donations through dedicated campaigns or initiatives within the Bitcoin community, SaruTobi attracts thousands of players who might be willing to donate a smaller amount each to charity. In the end, this approach could be a major step forward to put Bitcoin in a positive spotlight.

We can only hope to see more Bitcoin game creators or faucet owners follow this approach in the coming years. Obtaining “free’ Bitcoin is one thing, but it can be used for so much more than just filling our own pockets. Charity plays a big role in the Bitcoin world, as non-profits can accept transactions at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional finance.

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