Inside the Most Popular Crypto Podcasts

From celebrities like Kim Kardashian and tech-moguls like Elon Musk, there’s growing interest in cryptocurrencies. These don’t just relate to speculation and investment, but also to a future where crypto might be a necessary aspect of virtual worlds, as demonstrated in Facebook’s new Metaverse.

But that doesn’t mean cryptocurrency is easily accessible. For some, understanding how a virtual, non-physical currency works is difficult. Others may have a grasp on the basics but might need to turn to something like books or podcasts to further their understanding.

Podcasts, in particular, are a favorite because they’re a ‘hands-free’ way to learn a new skill. Regardless of the topic, podcasts are a great way to approach a new subject from multiple angles. For more complex topics like crypto, which are mired with rumors and speculation, the more important fact-checking becomes.

For example, poker is another industry that’s often defined by generalizations. However, there are multiple podcasts that provide perspective, from pros like Jennifer Shahade Naye Meyvis, and Andrew Brokos. These shed light on new angles, which can help a poker newbie understand the game from the ground up.

The same goes for just about any topic—by relying on multiple podcasts to learn the ropes, a listener will have a solid foundation of knowledge. Luckily for those interested in crypto, there are more and more shows that explore the topic from a variety of angles. Let’s take a closer look at the best podcasts available for streaming today.

What Bitcoin Did

Just as the name suggests, What Bitcoin Did is a podcast that gives an overview of how cryptocurrency influenced socio-economic dynamics. The tri-weekly show is hosted by former digital marketer Peter McCormack.

McCormack frequently brings in top names in the bitcoin industry, such as expert Stephan Livera to break down Bitcoin. Other episodes include tech entrepreneurs Parker Lewis and Andrea Antonopoulos 

This podcast is useful for people who are new to crypto and want to get an understanding of how things function from the ground up. The structure of the podcasts is an interview and lecture-style format with divided sections. By the end, listeners can make informed decisions related to investment.

Crypto Campfire

True to the name, Crypto Campfire is as relaxing as it sounds. This podcast aims to build a community of listeners and like-minded people through hour-long conversations. Though some discussions are more advanced than others, there remains an easy listening atmosphere.

Conversations range from in-depth analysis of current economic inflation to a step-by-step guild on how users can link the bank to cryptocurrency. Crypto Campfire is hosted by two young men, Mitch and The Perfesser, who initially started working on it as a passion project. Today, the show is considered to be among the most popular podcasts on cryptocurrency.

The Anita Posch Show

Anita Posch is a veteran of e-commerce. Having spent over two decades working in web development and online business, Posch isn’t just an expert—she’s an innovator. As the author of Learn Bitcoin, her podcasts aim to increase the representation of women in cryptocurrency exchanges while informing others on the topic.

An experienced Bitcoin holder, Posch and other entrepreneurs regularly hash out their latest findings related to investment and trading. Recently, she has set out to interview 100 of the leading thinkers in crypto.


Laura Shin is the former Editor of Forbes Crypto, a current crypto journalist, and author of the soon-to-be-released book, The Cryptopians. In her show Unchained, Shin discusses some overlooked presumptions about using cryptocurrency and also puts forth some of her assumptions about its future.

As a leading expert on the topic, Shin’s podcast has been listed as one of the top 10 podcasts on cryptocurrency by Forbes. The show is great for beginners starting out in the industry who will want to build wealth by investing and trading in Bitcoin, specifically.


The aim of HASHR8 is to share accurate and verified information about cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin mining at the forefront. The show’s host, Whit Gibb, is the CEO of Compass Mining and has made a career of giving investment advice. As such, HASHR8 uses an elevated vernacular, which means it’s not designed for newcomers. Instead, it will be relevant for Bitcoin investors.