What Is Dogs of Elon?

Amid the recent cryptocurrency & NFT market boom, some crypto projects are blowing up. More specifically, dog theme projects like Dogecoin ($DOGE) and SHIBA INU ($SHIB) have seen astronomical growth this year.

Enter Dogs of Elon ($DOE), an NFT project meant for the meme coin hodlers. Let’s take a closer look at what Dogs of Elon is all about:

What Is Dogs of Elon?

At its core, Dogs of Elon is a collection of NFTs which feature a variation of everyone’s favorite K-9, with a few special Elons and zombie Doges. It is a CryptoPunks alternative with a theme dedicated to meme coin hodlers.

dogsofelon nft collection

Additionally, Dogs of Elon features an ERC20 cryptocurrency token ($DOE) which can be traded and staked to passively earn more $DOE, renDOGE and $SHIBA.

$DOE Presale

The easiest way to get your foot in the door if you’re looking to participate in the Dogs of Elon project is to purchase some $DOE via the presale.

The minimum amount you can purchase is 300 $DOE for the price of 0.04 ETH (roughly $17 at the time of writing). You will need a MetaMask or a WalletConnect account with and Ethereum balance in order to complete the purchase.

dogsofelon token presale

The presale contract has been audited and verified by CertiK, which conducts security assessments on the provided source code, ensuring the contract is legitimate.

NFT Sale

While the Dogs of Elon NFT collection is yet to be minted, avid collectors are already listing NFTs on Opensea.io and some are actively bidding on it.

In fact, currently there is a bid of $300 on Opensea for an NFT that’s yet to be revealed:

dogs of elon opensea


Coinmarketcap Placement

One interesting fact that’s overlooked when it comes to Dogs of Elon is the fact that $DOE was able to get placement on coinmarketcap – the top source for cryptocurrency market price.

The Coinmarketcap placement speaks to the credibility of $DOE, and the almost 500k watchlist shows the amount of interest surrounding this project.

$doe coinmarketcap


If you’re looking to get in on the current hype for meme coins, and especially if you’re already hoarding Dogecoin or $SHIB, Dogs of Elon could be a great addition to your portfolio of animal and meme themed coins.

To find out more about Dogs of Elon visit their website: https://dogsofelon.io/

For the latest news about $DOE make sure to follow their official twitter: https://twitter.com/dogsofelon

To stay involved with the $DOE community, make sure to join their telegram group: https://t.me/dogsofelon