How Coinbase Sees The Future of Bitcoin And Digital Currency

Although Coinbase has been getting a bit of negative press throughout the years, the company keeps working hard on pushing Bitcoin adoption to new levels. Some of their new projects have recently been unveiled, as the exchange and Bitcoin wallet provider is now focusing on actual products for its users, as well as new financial services. Moreover, there is always time to dream big and look at what the future might bring.

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Shaping the Future of Bitcoin

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There is no denying any company active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency needs to keep innovating and come up with new services and use cases. Coinbase, one of the world’s leading exchanges and online wallet providers, is looking at bringing more actual products to the table, as making Bitcoin convenient to access is not enough to keep the business going.

Driving consumer adoption is the main goal for any bitcoin company, but more of than not, that is much easier said than done. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong mentioned how the plan was to either build new applications in-house or resort to buying other startups and deploy their products on a grand scale.

One thing the Bitcoin ecosystem seems to be lacking is proper financial services, even though the digital currency is available on a global scale. Real-life use cases for this popular digital currency is something that is direly needed, although there are intermediary ways to spend Bitcoin on just about any product or service imaginable.

Peer-to-peer lending and remittance are two key areas of interest for Bitcoin enthusiasts, but there is fierce competition from the Fintech sector. Developing countries do not always have a financial infrastructure to speak of, and since Bitcoin offers a complete ecosystem outside of the control of banks and governments, it seems to be an excellent fit.

Last but not least, Bitcoin is a great community to discuss futuristic ideas which may seem impossible at first, yet hold a lot of merit in the long run. Imagine the world in which making a payment is no longer necessary, and transactions are taking place behind the scenes regardless of the device used. Bitcoin makes all of this – and more – possible, assuming developer scan translate these ideas to the real world.

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