Gumtree Does Not See Bitcoin As Real Money

It looks as if some online platforms are taking more severe actions against Bitcoin-related content, even when their terms of service do not mention cryptocurrency at all. One Gumtree user had his advertisement suspended due to Bitcoin payments not being allowed.

Gumtree Does Not Like Bitcoin Ads

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There are multiple platforms all over the world where users can post ads to sell their goods or services. Gumtree is one of those platforms, and their Terms of Service does not mention Bitcoin-related sales as being illegal to accept. However, that had not prevented the platform from suspending one user’s advertisement, as he was trying to sell a book for Bitcoin.

At the same time, this removal does not come as a complete surprise, as Gumtree is under the same umbrella as eBay, another platform which does not allow Bitcoin payments. Without their terms of service clearly stating that fact, however things remain in a gray area and there is very little users can do about it other than complain.

Pierre, a Gumtree customer representative, stated:

“We only allow real money and this is the reasons why bitcoins payments are not allowed.”

Such a poor attitude exhibited by these companies is not the right way to go, especially not when advertising anyone can post an ad to sell just about everything. Gumtree seems to pretend Bitcoin is an illegal payment method, yet it should be up to both the user and seller to deal with Bitcoin or not.

It is not the first time Gumtree removes an ad because the seller was willing to accept bitcoin payments. That issue was rectified after a lot of back-and-forth communication, after which the company seemed to incline Bitcoin payments are legal. However, given this new ad removal, it seems the company does not want to be associated with cryptocurrency at the current time.

Luckily, there are solutions available, such as OpenBazaar. This decentralized online marketplace protocol lets anyone in the world sell anything they like, and accept Bitcoin payments while doing so. However, platforms like Gumtree have a far bigger mainstream reach, whereas OpenBazaar remains a niche product for the time being.

Source: Reddit

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