ZeroBazaar Combines ZeroNet With OpenBazaar

There has been a lot of focus on the Zeronet protocol in recent times, which would provide users with a far more anonymous type of cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. Although it remains to be seen if this project will have any success, some developers are working on a Zeronet integration of OpenBazaar.

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ZeroBazaar Is An Anonymous Marketplace

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Developing a way to combine OpenBazaar with Zeronet will be quite an interesting project, to say the least, and ZeroBazaar is the first example of how this system could work. Some people may remember the Darkmarket project, and ZeroBazaar is based on that train of thought.

Making an uncensored freemarket sounds absorbing on paper, but it will take a lot of time to bring such an undertaking to fruition. OpenBazaar was originally designed to become this platform, but they took an entirely different direction when they acquired enough funding for the project.

That leaves a lot of Bitcoin users looking for other alternatives. Even though various dark web marketplaces accept Bitcoin payments as well, a more uncensored and community-based effort will go a long way. More privacy and anonymity are the primary concerns for the ZeroBazaar project.

Once this integration is completed, the difference between ZeroBazaar and OpenBazaar could not be clearer. Network stability, anonymity through Tor hidden services, removing the single store of failure, and running offline will all be made possible in ZeroBazaar. At this time, OpenBazaar does not support any of these features natively, although they may be added in a future client release.

It remains to be seen whether or not the ZeroBazaar project will be successful although it certainly has some things going for it. Many bitcoin enthusiasts want decentralized marketplaces where they can enjoy more privacy and anonymity, and OpenBazaar does not offer that just yet. Additional funding will be needed, though, and the project has listed a donation address on their page.

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