Google Brings Android Open Source Project To Raspberry Pi 3

As if people need even more reasons to get excited about the Raspberry Pi 3, Google announced earlier today they will bring official support to the mini computer. This is the first Pi Google will officially support with Android software, and opens up some exciting opportunities.

Android On The Raspberry Pi 3

TheMerkle_Raspberry Pi 3 Android

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a magnificent device which can run a wide variety of operating systems. For some reason, people have always shown an interest in running the Android OS on this mini computer. Up until now, that required the hard work of a few developers dedicated to porting the mobile operating system, but Google will lend a helping hand.

The change was noted by users keeping an eye on the Android Open Source Project. A new device tree showed up, specifically showing imminent support for the Raspberry Pi 3. Granted, even with Android, the Pi will not replace desktop computers for most users, but it makes it an attractive and portable solutions for checking email and browsing the Internet.

Additionally, the Pi 3 supports both Bluetooth and Wifi, which let users pair other devices such as mice, keyboards, and wireless audio. Given the four USB ports on the back of the device, it is rather easy to attach mass storage for media playback, and the HDMI port makes it easy to connect the Pi to any screen or monitor.

One of the main selling points for Android AOSP is how this is a clean version of the popular operating system. Additionally, this also means Google will provide support for this device in the future, and users will not have to rely on third-party developers in that regard. It is also the first time Google lists a non-Google device in their AOSP branch, albeit it remains unknown as to where this change of heart comes from.

With over 1.5 million applications as the disposal of Android users, the Raspberry Pi 3 will become a whole lot more functional very soon. It is not impossible to think Android TV features, or even Remix OS 2.0 will be coming to the Pi 3 in the future. At the time of writing,  no official launch date for this Android AOSP branch had been announced.

Source: Ars Technica

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