Pi Supply Sells The Raspberry Pi In Exchange For Bitcoin

Ever since the Raspberry Pi 3 was announced, there has been considerable interest from Bitcoin enthusiasts to use this small computer as a cheap and efficient way to run a Bitcoin node. As these devices become more powerful, while retaining their small form factor, there is no reason not to give it a try. But Bitcoin enthusiasts want to buy these devices with digital currency, and Pi Supply is providing exactly that option.

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Buy A Raspberry Pi With Bitcoin

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Bitcoin enthusiasts will rejoice at the news to know they can buy their favorite mini PC boards with digital currency, including the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone board, and Arduino models. All of these devices are sold and shipped by Pi Supply in the United Kingdom, and in-stock items should be dispatched within a few days.

For those users looking to pick up a Raspberry Pi 3 device and running it as a Bitcoin Node, the devices are in stock right now and can be purchased with Bitcoin. Moreover, users can also order any and all accessories they need, including the 7 inch LCD screen, memory cards, cases, and power supplies.

Although Pi Supply has been around for quite some time, very few people seem to be aware of this platform. Although many people might see the Raspberry Pi and alternatives as something exclusively for geeks, there is a growing movement associated with these tiny computers, as they pack quite the punch while being no bigger than a credit card.

What makes Pi Supply so interesting is how the online shop accepts a variety of payment options, including Paypal, credit cards, and Bitcoin. All of the Bitcoin transactions are handled by BitPay, meaning orders should be completed as soon as the Bitcoin transaction hits the network. However, this does not mean your Pi Supply order will be marked as paid immediately, as they will wait for at least one network confirmation before processing the order.

It is positive to see a dedicated online store in Europe focusing on these tiny computers on a board, as they make for excellent Bitcoin Node devices. Moreover, a Raspberry Pi can easily be mounted on the back of a TV or monitor, thanks to the OMNIVESA product, sold by Pi Supply.

Website: Pi Supply

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