Gaming Under the Influence of Drugs: Reasons Nobody Talks About This

John has been an avid gamer for quite some time. However, he wasn’t getting the expected result, especially when he was playing an online game.

Hence, like many others, he started using drugs to improve his skillset and performance in a battle royale game. But, how did he fare, though?

To be honest, he did improve his gaming ability a little more than before. Nonetheless, he became addicted to the drugs after a while.

And it turned his world upside-down.

Unfortunately, John isn’t alone. There are many gamers throughout the world who have been gaming under the influence of drugs.

But why do people use drugs while playing a game?

How does it affect their health and well-being?

We’ve answered both of these questions throughout our article. So, kindly go through the same and share your thoughts below. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Gamer Drugs – Are They Really A Thing?

Well, it’s a mystery, to be honest. 

Recently, many organizations have begun advertising their products as a “gamer drug,” as it helps in improving your gaming efficacy.

According to them, this type of drug can help you – 

  • Improve your focus while gaming. 
  • Clear up your vision so you can see better.
  • Increase your efficiency in clicking the mouse and keyboard.

An article on “gamer drug,” or more specifically, Ambrotose Complex, also suggests that it may work as a laxative. That’s because, as gamers tend to sit on a chair for an extended period of time, they might experience chronic constipation.

So, how does it fare against all these claims?

The same article from Kotaku says that everything seems to be false. They don’t boost your focus or sight at all. Instead, they can make you feel nauseated. In some cases, it may also cause vomiting in the person who has consumed it.

Can Gamer Drugs Cause Addiction?

Yes, like any drug-related product available on the market, a gamer drug can lead to addiction or dependency as well. Hence, if you’ve consumed too many of them, it can also cause the following symptoms – 

  • Taking the drug even if you don’t need it.
  • You need to take more and more drugs to “improve your focus,” as you’ve grown some sort of tolerance for them.
  • You’ve lost interest in doing something you loved doing before.
  • You’re sleeping too little or too much, depending on your health condition and how much you work out regularly.
  • Your looks have become a little different. You have a bad breath, bloodshot eyes, and experiencing shaking or tremors in your hands.
  • You’ve started taking prescribed medications alongside other drugs or alcohol to have a much stronger effect.
  • You’ve made a new set of friends with whom you take the drugs and play together while staying cooped up in your room.

Fortunately, though, if you have recognized your problems soon enough, there’s still hope of getting cured of this psychological disease. You can try being determined to stop the use of drugs or see a psychiatrist if you want.

However, if you feel like nothing’s working out for you, we’ll ask you to opt for inpatient treatment in Dallas. It’ll straighten you up from within, change your routine, curate a specific diet plan, and lead a better life altogether.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About Gamer Drugs?

It’s pretty simple, though.

Unlike any other drug-related product available out there, “gamer drugs” haven’t been too popular in the market. Besides, they’re also subjected to people who play games.

Hence, they’ve probably been going under the radar for a while. Nonetheless, due to their potent targeted advertising, they’re becoming more and more prominent now. 

For example, a famous gamer and reporter, known as Maddy Myers, tried out the two “gamer drugs,” namely – Stimpack and Ambrotose Complex.

And, the result of the same was apparently much less than ideal.

According to her, she took Ambrotose Complex before playing a game of Street Fighter, and she didn’t feel any improvement at all. 

Instead, she felt nauseous and ended up losing a streak of games. The whole experience was quite humiliating to her, and she tried to turn the game off in anger.

Conversely, Stimpack was supposed to improve her focus and reduce jitters to some extent. However, it did the complete opposite.

Myers experienced severe trembling in her hands as she was playing. She felt pretty restless as well. Her breathing was shaky, and sometimes, her heart rate spiked up to 110bpm as well.

Hopefully, this will highlight the potential disadvantages of gamer drugs and make their warning signs come under the media.

Will Gamer Drugs Affect Your Health?

If we take the example of Maddy Myers, these drugs can definitely affect your health. For example, the problem of nausea and vomiting can tell us about how the drug affected her gastrointestinal health. 

Besides, she had also experienced trembling or shaking in her hands. It could possibly tell us about a reaction to nerve tissue damage. Finally, the sudden spike in heart rate is definitely a symptom of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Hence, although there’s more research to be done, the negative impacts of the “gamer drug” seem quite similar to any other recreational drug.

Gamer Drugs – Yay Or Nay?

Like other segments, performance-enhancing drugs are slowly creeping into the gaming market as well. And it doesn’t bode well for the community at all.

For example, the experiment made by Myers has already proven that it’s not good for your health. It can possibly increase your blood pressure, affect your nervous system, and, more so, lead to unmanageable mood swings.

Hence, to conclude, we feel that there’s still a long way to go before we can truly elevate our capability through the usage of drugs. Maybe, next time, you could simply try to stick to your daily dose of coffee and get a good night’s sleep to improve your focus.

Sounds good, no?