Finnish Law Enforcement Cracks Down on OneCoin Promoters

It is only a matter of time until all of OneCoin’s financial investigations catch up with it. Multiple countries are investigating this infamous Ponzi scheme and it seems some progress has been made in Finland. The police there are targeting one OneCoin promoter in particular, although it is likely more individuals are on their radar. The walls are slowly closing in on this Ponzi scheme, which can only be considered a positive thing.

OneCoin Promoter is in hot Water

As most people are well aware, Finland is just one of the countries where OneCoin is currently under investigation. Considering this Ponzi scheme has taken money from thousands of people over the past few years, there was no doubt things would sour for the company at some point. Not too long ago, OneCoin received a major fine due to its obfuscated business model and promises of major gains for investors without any credible evidence to back up those claims.

According to the Finnish Broadcasting Company, the investigation in Finland is heating up as we speak. Law enforcement officials have shown a keen interest in apprehending one particular promoter in Finland. He or she is the subject of an economic crime case, which means the person will likely be charged with fraud and potentially even embezzlement. Sources claim the financial damages amount to around half a million euros, which is a massive amount of money.

Finland is a popular country for OneCoin, as the company has seen its fair share of success there over the years. It is believed around 20,000 Finns have invested in the Ponzi scheme, most of whom did so after attending one of the events organized by promoters. This is a common method to recruit new investors, and is often rather successful in the long run.

While the individual in question is of great interest to law enforcement officials, there is at least one other person tied to the same investigation. Neither individual has had their identity exposed so far, but it is evident the probe into OneCoin is slowly coming together as we speak. There is no doubt the ongoing investigation will eventually bring this project and parent company OneLife to justice. It is evident their business model raises a lot more questions than answers right now.

Rest assured this is not the last time we will hear of the Finnish investigation related to OneCoin. Although this is the second time the company has faced scrutiny in the country, the initial case did not result in any charges being filed. It remains unclear what the future will bring this time around, and things could get very interesting in the coming months.

It is partially due to malicious programs such as OneCoin that we see so few people give cryptocurrency the credit it deserves. Some people even claim OneCoin is everything Bitcoin could never be, which is partially true. Bitcoin never requested that anyone invest, as people are given the freedom to choose. Moreover, in the case of Bitcoin there are no “company packages” nor any centralized structures whatsoever. The two concepts couldn’t be more different even if they tried.