Three Additional Countries Launch Investigations Against OneCoin

The OneCoin Ponzi scheme is still in full effect, despite facing a lot of heat from law enforcement agencies. It appears the OneCoin Ponzi scheme is in hot legal waters in another three countries as of right now. That is not entirely surprising, considering the company is selling vaporware. Vietnam, Norway, and Belize are all investing this notorious Ponzi scheme as we speak. The team event went as far as forging official documents, which is an absolute no-go.

OneCoin Continues to Attract Law Enforcement Agencies

Truth be told, the OneCoin Ponzi scheme should have met its demise many years ago. From the first day of launching this project, it has become evident the company is selling nothing but hot air. They claim to issue a cryptocurrency – which doesn’t exist – on a blockchain – which doesn’t exist either – and make people rich in the process. Although some people have undoubtedly made money by actively recruiting new investors, the vast majority of “investors” will never get their money out.

Over the years, OneCoin has made some very bold claims, and most of those backfired. It is evident no government or authority will ever recognize this Ponzi scheme as a legitimate investment opportunity. Moreover, OneCoin is giving Bitcoin and other real cryptocurrencies a very bad name. A lot of novice investors feel OneCoin is far better than Bitcoin can ever be, and how it is the “only true cryptocurrency that matters.” Misleading people is an art, that much is evident.

Thankfully, it appears governments and law enforcement agencies are taking notice of the problems posed by OneCoin. The notorious Ponzi scheme has gotten into some hot legal waters around the world, with multiple countries actively investigating what this project claims to offer. That situation is only getting worse, with another three countries launching official investigations. It is only a matter of time until this project collapses, and when that happens, a lot of people will lose their money in the process.

To put these new investigations into perspective, the Norwegian Lottery Authority has picked up on OneCoin activity in the country. As a result, the agency demanded information on all One Life employees active in Norway right now. Additionally, the organization has also taken a keen interest in the international associated involved in this pyramid scheme. It will be quite interesting to see how this plays out, albeit it will end quite badly for One Life.

Belize, a country known for being a tax haven until a few years ago, wants nothing to do with OneCoin either. The Belize International Financial Services Commission confirmed One Life is not licensed to operate in the country and is violating national law. A cease and desist order has been issued toward all operatives in the country, as well as any service provider affiliated with this Ponzi scheme. A big nail in the coffin for the One Life parent company, that much is evident.

Last but not least, OneCoin is getting a lot of heat in Vietnam right now. That is only to be expected since the parent company forged a document claiming they have been granted “legal status” by the Vietnam Ministry of Planning. Counterfeiting official government licenses is an absolute no-go in every part of the world. In Vietnam, these issues are taken even more seriously, and an official investigation has been launched. It is evident OneCoin has no legitimate intentions, nor have they ever.

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