Etherparty and Rootstock Announce Multichain Smart Contract Solution

Smart contract technology is only native to a few different platforms as of right now. One notably absent platform from the list is the Bitcoin blockchain. The Rootstock project aims to change that by bringing its functionality to Bitcoin users. A new partnership between the company and Etherparty will result in accelerated adoption of smart contracts on the Bitcoin network.

Smart Contract Convenience for all Bitcoin Users

Etherparty has received a lot of praise from the Ethereum community over the past year or so. What this platform does is provide a convenient and user-friendly tool to access and create smart contracts. It is partially thanks to tools like this that so many people are eagerly experimenting with this technology on a broad scale.  However, bringing this technology to other platforms has been a struggle, even for users who want to experiment with smart contracts as part of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

That may all change in the very near future, thanks to a new partnership between Etherparty and Rootstock. A lot of Bitcoin aficionados will already know the Rootstock name, as the company has been working on incorporating smart contracts on the Bitcoin network. However, it is still a bit cumbersome to access its features, which is why this new partnership is a big step in the right direction. Joining forces with a company known for a convenient, user-friendly creation tool will elevate this technology to new heights pretty quickly.

The goal of this collaborative effort is to allow the creation of smart contracts on the Etherparty platform which are also fully compatible with the Rootstock blockchain. Such smart contracts will be a game changer, even for users with no coding experience whatsoever. Everyone can benefit from this technology in one way or another, yet not everyone has the coding skills to execute their ideas. With a user-friendly tool in place, all one needs is an idea and a plan to make it happen.

If we want Rootstock and decentralized applications to succeed, more convenient solutions will need to be created. Although the Ethereum ecosystem has no shortage of Dapps currently in development, this is only just the beginning of what the future may eventually hold. Bringing these technologies to the mainstream will take a tremendous amount of work, but with a partnership like this one to kick things off, that uphill battle suddenly becomes a lot less steep. Filling the gap between technical and non-technical people is the top priority right now.

This development makes Etherparty the world’s first multichain platform capable of generating smart contracts. More importantly, said contracts work on both the Ethereum and the Bitcoin network, which is a significant and invaluable development. Making it easier for non-programmers to float ideas to the community and lay the foundation for groundbreaking decentralized applications will hopefully invite more people from all over the world to share ideas. It is not unlikely we will see other partnerships of this magnitude in the near future.

For the time being, there is no official timeline as to when this partnership will yield a usable tool for users around the globe. Users can keep an eye on the Etherparty Slack channel and keep tabs on the latest developments accordingly. It is pretty exciting to think about the possibilities inherent in smart contract technology. Having these contracts work across multiple blockchains is a big step toward shaping the future of cryptocurrency.