Top 5 Ethereum DApps Available Right now

The Ethereum ecosystem is home to many enthusiastic developers who are creating decentralized applications, or DApps. A lot of these projects are still in the concept of the development stage, even though a good number have gone live already. Albeit not every project may become a major success, in the long run, some of these live DApps are quite intriguing to keep an eye on.

#5 PixelMap

Not too long ago, we covered a new project in the Ethereum ecosystem based on the idea of The Million Dollar Homepage. Powered by smart contract technology and ETH payments, anyone can buy, sell, or own pixels on this platform as long as they want. A decentralized approach to creating a major advertising platform is quite interesting. The bigger question is whether or not companies and entrepreneurs will see the appeal as well.

#4 Costring

Costring is a simple yet excellent project to promote blockchain technology. The concept of this platform is simple: anyone in the world can upload an image, which will be embedded into the Ethereum blockchain. Every upload will require a small amount of Ether to be paid, depending on how large the image in question is. Once the payment is made to the destination address, the image file is submitted to the blockchain. A simple website that provides a valuable service that creates a distributed and decentralized image hosting.

#3 SafeEther

The SafeEther platform is just an example of how powerful blockchain technology can be when it comes to securing data. This Dapp focuses around letting users store personal information on the Ethereum blockchain. For example, one can link an email address with the ETH wallet address, and save it on the blockchain. This email address will then serve as a unique identifier for that person’s data.

As one would come to expect, this platform is not free of charge. All information and transactions are handled through smart contracts. It takes a setup fee of 0.05 ETH to link an Ethereum wallet address with one’s email address. Although this may seem insignificant, the SafeEther DApp can serve as a foundation for future projects to secure personal data on the blockchain.

#2 The Rudimental

Crowdfunding platforms for artists are difficult to come by these days. Even the companies offering such a solution usually end up taking a cut. The Rudimentary creates an equity crowdfunding platform for artists, running on top of the Ethereum blockchain. For the time being, the platform is only available as a demo, but further development is expected to take place throughout 2017. Fans funding their favorite artists through equity crowdfunding can create a whole new ecosystem for the music industry as a whole.

#1 Everex

The main goal of the Everex platform is to send cross-border payments in mere seconds without paying outrageous fees. The company positions itself as a financial inclusion blockchain development company. Moreover, they put fiat currencies, equities, commodities, and their non-financial assets on the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate global P2P remittance. The company also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS, which is a nice bonus.

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