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Dentacoin: 2017 in Review

One Good Year Leads to Another

The Dentacoin team is justifiably proud of all that they have accomplished over the course of the past year, but feel that it is only the first step in what they always knew would be a remarkable journey.  After all, when you set out to revolutionize an industry across the entire face of the globe, you have to be willing to recognize that there will be plenty of reasons to make the community proud and happy to be part of the movement.

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Mission Success

The mission of Dentacoin is to improve global dental health by creating a community of dental practitioners, suppliers and patients.  The cryptocurrency (DCN) is one of several pillars of the concept, and the successful ICO in October has to be counted as an important milestone.  An ICO is a “make or break” moment for any cryptocurrency, and DCN got it done, raising the necessary amount of operating capital.

Dentacoin also launched their first tools in 2017, including the Trusted Review Platform.  This platform rewards patients for posting unedited reviews of the care they have received onto the unalterable blockchain.  2017 also saw the launch of Dentavox platform, expanding the opportunities for real people to have a voice in shaping the future of dental care and Dentacare Mobile App – which helps users to form long-lasting dental health habits and rewards them accordingly.

Practical Success

When the goal is improving global dental health, you have to count individuals who have better teeth as a winning milestone.  As per the moment, Dentacoin has been implemented at clinics in Europe (United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Hungary), India and Taiwan.  Due to the high level of digitization, the London partner clinic, F3T, is able to offer same-day treatment to toothless patients at a savings of about 70% over other UK dentists.  It’s no wonder the clinic has positive cash flow in the first year of operation.

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Dentacoin also attracted an amazing team of advisors from across the globe and in the variety of fields necessary for future success.  From CRM to insurance to business development to computer science, these professionals strengthen the management acumen and dental experience of the core team.

Professional Recognition

It helps when striving for very large goals to know that others who are watching you think you are heading in the right direction.  This is especially true when bringing a technology like blockchain to an established industry like dentistry.  For this reason Dentacoin counts their participation in the Digital Economy Conference in Perm as an affirmation.  Being invited back for June, 2018 means a lot as well.

But in terms of outside opinions, the listing of Dentacoin as one of the most promising blockchain applications by CIO Review counts as a significant milestone, particularly when you consider some of the brilliant work being done by other cryptocurrencies.  The vote of confidence received by over 200,000 people who joined the Dentacoin community means just as much.

The DCN coin has reached the Top 30 on the global Cryptocurrency Market, as seen on Coinmarketcap and have reached the astonishing 52 million USD trading volumes for 24 hours, making it one of the most revolutionary coins of Jan 2018.

“So, to everyone who joined Dentacoin in promoting better global dental health we want to say “Thank you for a great year.”  To everyone interested in our goal, we ask you to take a look at our unique approach.  Core beliefs and community need each other to prosper, and we look forward to a very prosperous future”, Dentacoin Management.


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