4 Great Places to Spend Bitcoin in London

London is a very active city, which straddles the past and the future. The ancient streets, pubs, and buildings rub shoulders with the giant symbols of modernity. London is also a fairly Bitcoin friendly city and I found some of the best places for it.

4. Bit Bourbon Steam Burgers

I lived in Camden Town, which is famous for many things but especially its Camden Lock Market. Here there are shops which range from clothing to materials for going to Raves. A few shops here accept Bitcoin, and one even houses a Bitcoin ATM. However, the food stalls at the Market were always the main reason I went. Specifically, Bit Bourbon was one of my favorite places to eat. Not only were the burgers incredibly delicious, but they also accepted Bitcoin. 

3. CeX

Most of the CeX stores in London accepted Bitcoin as a payment option. This is a second hand computer, appliance, movie, and video game store well known to most Londoners. I really appreciated that this store was quite forward thinking when it came to digital currency and they promoted the coin pretty well.

2. The Pembury Tavern

I heard about a pub that accepted Bitcoin as payment and just had to investigate. The Pembury Tavern is a quiet little boozer housed in a beautiful brick and stone building. It has the feel of a proper pub. Stiff, yet comfortable, chairs with a lot of space and natural light. The beer menu is vast and diverse, so you’ll have plenty of options to for what to spend your Bitcoins on.

1. Nincomsoup – Old Street Station

Nincomsoup is a delightful little cafe where the coffee is alright, but the main attraction is their amazing soups. Situated under the roundabout in Old Street Station, this is the perfect place to either buy some Bitcoin (they have a Bitcoin ATM) or use your existing funds to buy some great soup on the way to or back from Shoreditch. 

There are many other places in London to spend your Bitcoin, ranging from legal services to market research. 

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Update: Article has been updated for accuracy.