Dash Price Soars as Apple Finally Approves Digital Currency Wallet

Dash users may have noticed a price increase these past few days. There are many contributing factors to this, perhaps the biggest of which was Apple’s finally approving Dash as an official digital currency. Any application in the iOS App Store can now integrate Dash functionality without repercussions. It is a major victory for the Dash Core developers, and one that could push the Dash price to $200 over the coming weeks.

Apple Finally Approves Dash as a Digital Currency

It was not easy for Dash Core developers to get their wallet approved by Apple. The technology giant has officially rejected any Dash-related iOS application since August of 2016. That decision has hindered the growth of Dash as a whole, even though its market cap continued to grow over time. At the time of writing, the Dash price is above $190 and its market cap sits well above US$1.4B.

It has taken a lot of effort by the Dash Core developers to persuade Apple to change its mind. The technology giant understandably wishes to protect users from any harm. Denying entry for applications related to Dash was a harsh decision, but it made a lot of sense at the time. Several malicious and unaudited Dash wallet applications had been approved by the Apple team prior to this decision, which put users at risk. Given the mounting number of complaints, the technology giant was forced to take drastic action.

The Dash Core developers have been fighting an uphill battle for nearly a full year. When Apple made its latest decision, it seemed as if all hopes were dashed. The company rejected multiple applications related to Dash over the past few months. Now that these decisions have finally been overturned, any application in the Apple App Store can integrate Dash functionality in the future.

Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor explained the appeal process:

“We asked Apple to reconsider Dash’s status because we have a compelling story of continued growth and innovation. We believe that Dash is already a far superior digital currency compared with other options, and with our landmark Evolution release rolling out in stages over the next year, our user experience will be even more differentiated going forward. Additionally, we want to meet our users’ demands, and support on Apple products ranks at the top of the list of our user wishes. In short, our users’ priorities are our priorities. We couldn’t be more pleased that Apple has decided Dash is worthy of being one of the few approved digital currencies on their platform. There is a lot of overlap in our user bases, as both entities focus on optimizing the end-user experience and making our respective products a pleasure to use.”

Now that the iOS Dash Wallet has been approved by Apple, the Dash Core developers can look toward the future. They plan to make large investments into the wallet now that it is publicly available. This wallet provides the InstantSend feature to complete payments in real-time. More features and wallet enhancements are on the horizon and will be included in future versions of the iOS app. This is very positive news for the Dash Core team and all supporters of this digital currency.

The news has an impact on the Dash price as well.  Right now, one Dash token is worth US$191.8, which represents a 1.24% increase over the past 24 hours. An approved Apple wallet could help push the Dash price to $200 and beyond over time. Bithumb is currently leading in trading volume, followed by Poloniex.