Top 3 Upcoming DASH Developmental Changes

Cryptocurrency developers are always hard at work to bring new features to the community. It has been a while since we last looked at what is on the agenda for DASH enthusiasts. The year 2017 will introduce some more changes, all of which are quite interesting. The following three development changes will be quite interesting for DASH users.

3. DashCore 12.3

The primary software branch of DASH development will get a major upgrade in December of 2017. It is evident the developers have been working on a lot of different projects, most of which will culminate in the DashCore 12.3 release. First and foremost, there is the introduction of HD wallets, which is quite a significant development. However, that alone will not put DASH on the map. Other features include API & SDK testing, as well as multi-stage escrow transactions.

However, the features most people will be looking forward to is the merchant and app testing, as well as integration partner testing. Ensuring DASH can make inroads among merchants and applications out there is quite significant. It remains to be seen how successful this venture will be in the long run, but it is good to see developers try to shape the future of DASH as we speak.

2. DashPay Wallet Alpha

Most DASH enthusiasts are well aware of how the developers are working on their version of the CoPay wallet, which has become quite popular among Bitcoin users. DashPay, as this new wallet will be called, will feature very similar features. Additionally, it will also introduce some features to be used by the DashPay Evolution wallet later on. It is a big step forward for DashPay, that much is evident.

The DashPay Wallet alpha testing will also introduce some network changes. There will be a 2MB block size increase for DASH, which is never a bad thing. Moreover, the team is contemplating whether or not a future upgrade to 5MB may be needed. All of this research documentation will be presented around the same time DashPay alpha launches, which is scheduled to take place in September of 2017. Scaling discussions go well beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, that much is evident.

1. DashPay Evolution Wallet

There are two different stages to the release of the DashPay Evolution Wallet. A testnet release is scheduled for November of 2017, which will allow users to sign up and also introduce the friending process. During the testnet phase, users can also access basic support for purchase agreements and the Evolution Account Management feature. This will give the DASH developers some valuable feedback as to whether or not any major changes need to be made.

This testing phase is scheduled to run until February of 2018, although that particular timeline can be moved up if needed. It will also be a great day for DASH since the friending process and Evolution Account Management will be made available to all users on the network. It is quite an interesting concept, to say the least. Having two separate wallets “compete” with one another over the coming months will yield some interesting results, that much is certain.

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