Dash Developers Focus On Fiat Gateways And Partnerships

In this day and age of various digital currencies, people would tend to forget there are other options besides Bitcoin and Ethereum. Dash is still around, and the developers made an interesting announcement regarding fiat gateways yesterday.

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Dash Developers And Fiat Gateways

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Based on a recent statement by Dash developer Evan Duffield, there are plans in motion to focus on developing fiat gateways in the near future. This would allow investors and users to convert from and to fiat currency directly, rather than having to go through Bitcoin first when using exchange platforms.

It is pertinent for any digital currency to ensure consumers and investors can easily obtain and liquidate the currency when needed. For the time being, that is pretty much impossible for Dash, at last on a large scale. With the focus on developing fiat payment gateways, that situation will come to change over the next few months.

This decision is all part of Dash Evolution, a new concept that was recently announced to promote user-friendliness and boost mainstream adoption of this digital currency. Some of the funds previously allocated to public awareness will be used to develop these fiat gateways. It is important to note this proposal was put forward to masternode owners and passed with flying colors.

Assuming this development process will be successful, we should see Dash/fiat currency trading pairs added to major digital currency exchanges later this year. In turn, this should up the trading volume of this digital currency as well, since it is lacking the necessary interest to be added to major fiat/digital currency exchanges right now. Then again, developing these types of solutions in-house might be the better solution in the long run.

But that is not all, as Evan Duffield also announced the integration of Dash with CryptoCapital.co. As a result, holders of this alternative digital currency will get access to debit cards which can be funded with Dash. Moreover, Coinapult has confirmed they will add Dash to their platform as well in the coming weeks. Things are looking up for this community.

Source: DashPay Magazine

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