Coinapult Brings Bitcoin To Telegram Users

A lot of different companies want to bring Bitcoin to the Telegram network, and Coinapult is the latest business to launch their solution. Tender Wallet Bot, as this feature is called, sits on top of the Telegram system and does not require users to install additional software.

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Coinapult Telegram Bot

TheMerkle_Coinapult Telegram Bitcoin

Social messaging applications are becoming more important to consumers all over the world, as people feel the need to be connected to the rest of the world. Telegram is one of the most popular solutions in this regard, as millions of users around the world are using this platform on a regular basis.

The next logical evolution of social messaging platforms comes in the form of how financial services will become accessible over time as well. Bitcoin could plan a significant role in the process as it is one of the very few solutions available to send funds around the world in a convenient manner.

Coinapult acknowledges this opportunity, and their Tender Wallet Bot will serve as a Bitcoin wallet and broker for Telegram users. Interacting with this service is simple, as it can be done through the Telegram chat interface. Simply add the user “@tenderwalletbot” to your friends list, and you are all set.

This Telegram bot is hooking into the Coinapult API, and offers the same features as the platform does. Sending and receiving Bitcoin payments is a breeze, and funds can be converted to fiat currencies if the need arises. In a way, the Coinapult Telegram bot will act as an online wallet and Bitcoin exchange merged into one solution.

Coinapult is not the first company to attempt this, though. Bitcoin and Telegram could be an exciting mix, considering close to 100 million users are on the Telegram platform on a regular basis. Even if just a small minority of users embrace Bitcoin, it will give the digital currency ecosystem a very healthy boost.

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