CoinCheck Launches Kumamoto Earthquake Bitcoin Fund

As people may have learned by now, an earthquake has hit the Kumamoto area in Japan. CoinCheck, one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges in the country, has set up a donation fund for the affected victims.

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Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Victims Bitcoin Fund

TheMerkle_Kumamoto Earthquake CoinCheck

In these times of hardship, it is important for people all over the world to come together. The earthquake hitting the Kumamoto region of Japan last night has left several people dead, and over one hundred injured. The earthquake magnitude reached 6.5, and more than one hundred aftershocks could be felt in the region in the following hours.

A lot of families have lost their homes, and it will take a very long time to rebuild all that has been lost. That being said, the lives which have been lost cannot be recovered by any means, but there might be a way to help the victims and their families after all. CoinCheck, the leading Bitcoin exchange in Japan, has set up a special donation fund to which users all over the world can contribute.

All of the collected funds will be donated to Peace Winds Japan, which is a non-governmental organization. They will be helping the local officials in providing shelter for the victims and establish a way to start rebuilding the region over the coming months. All of these donations will be converted to their JPY equivalent by the exchange owners, as Peace Winds Japan does not accept Bitcoin payments directly.

At the time of writing, a total of 2.6811 Bitcoin had been donated to this fund already, which is a good start. Although these smaller amounts are nothing more than a drop of water on a boiling plate, it is positive to see Bitcoin community members coming together and help out those in dire need of financial aid.

Some people might wonder why this Bitcoin exchange would prefer dealing with Bitcoin payments, considering they accept credit card transactions for the purchase of digital currency. Credit cards are not anonymous, and not everyone wanted to have their name associated with a donation to this fund. Moreover, users can buy bitcoin with their credit card through the exchange, and use that funds to make a donation if they want to.

Source: Coincheck

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