Customers And Enterprises Suffer From “Security Fatigue” Due To Lack of Convenience

Although it is very clear companies all over the world will have to step up their security game, an adverse effect is taking place. With so many reports about hacks and data breaches, it seems that consumers are preparing to throw in the towel. The number of software updates and unique passwords to remember is becoming overwhelming for the average user.

Security Is Not Convenient, But It Is Needed

The number of companies and users hacked is overwhelming, and no amount of security warnings seem to alleviate that.  The so-called “security fatigue” is setting in already, as consumers and corporations are getting tired of cyber threat warnings. The Internet is not safe; there is no way around that statement.

That being said, the precautions one needs to take are not overly complicated to deal with either. Never reusing a password may seem like a tedious task, but there are plenty of password managers to help one in doing so. Saying how difficult it is to remember different passwords just shows people are doing things wrong.

A new study by the US National Institute of Standards goes to show how users continue to ignore warnings they receive. Mainly the sheer number of software updates is not helping in this regard. It has to be said, software updates are becoming more frequent, which raises the question whether or not these security flaws couldn’t have been patched before reading the program in the wild.

To make matters worse, a lot of users feel it is just a matter of time until they become a victim of a cyber attack. They also seem resigned to this being inevitable, rather than taking precautions to ensure they can remain safe while using the Internet. One cannot have convenience and proper security all in one package; that is the unfortunate truth.

Which brings us to the bigger problem: the lack of convenience when it comes to using multiple online services. Additional security steps required to access services are putting off many users who don’t wan’t to sacrifice a sliver of convenience in exchange for an exponential increase in security. People need to get used to dealing with security and the harsh reality of how their information is not safe from harm unless they take matters into their own hands.

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