Cryptocurrency Will Be an Integral Part of Daily Life, Lendingblock Survey Says

The public perception of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will need to improve sooner or later. Depending on whom you talk to, the outcomes of surveys on the topic will be very different. A recent Lendingblock survey shows most people remain confident that cryptocurrencies will play a key role in their future daily lives.

Lendingblock Survey has Surprising Results

Surveys related to cryptocurrency are always very interesting. One never knows what the outcomes of such questionnaires will be. As of right now, it seems the general public is not necessarily too keen on cryptocurrencies in their current form. This doesn’t mean the situation won’t improve over time, though, as the recent Lendingblock survey paints a rather intriguing future for Bitcoin and various altcoins.

This survey was conducted with the help of CitizenMe. That particular platform focuses on personal data and insights, which makes it a worthwhile partner for any survey on this scale. 2,000 people took part in this survey, and the results are unlike what most people would have expected at this stage.

More specifically, one in five respondents claims they own or have owned cryptocurrency in their life. That is a rather surprising number, even though no specific details were provided on how much money these people own or have owned. Even so, this percentage is a lot higher than most people would expect it to be, even though the survey pool was rather limited.

That is not the most telling part of this survey, though. Over half of the respondents are confident that cryptocurrencies will be an integral part of daily life by 2025. This doesn’t just include online payments, but also in-store purchases, public transportation, and so forth. Some projects already focus on those particular services, but there is no real global trend to speak of just yet.

Furthermore, the Lendingblock survey shows most respondents think cryptocurrency is a solid investment. That in itself is pretty surprising, especially given the current bearish pressure on the markets in general. Over half of the people said they are tempted to invest in cryptocurrency sooner rather than later, even though they are fully aware of the risks associated with doing so. It will take some time before this major mind-shift occurs, though.

As one would expect, this survey also highlighted some notable trends. Right now, men are more prone to invest in cryptocurrency compared to women (30% of males versus just 13% of females). Millennials are still tempted to get their hands dirty with cryptocurrency at some point, even though one in five believes cryptocurrency may be a fad. It will be interesting to see which – if any – of these conclusions hold true by the time 2025 comes around.