Sweden Trials NFC Implants for Public Transportation

There are quite a few improvements to be made where public transportation is concerned. Buying tickets with a mobile device and autonomous transportation vehicles are two major breakthroughs in recent years. Sweden is taking things one step further, by letting railway travelers check in by using an NFC chip embedded in their skin. This new test will raise a lot of eyebrows, that much is evident.

NFC Body Implants Are Becoming More Popular

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the emergence of NFC technology. Not only can this technology be used to make contactless payments, but the chips can also transmit any other type of important data. In Sweden, these chips are used to revolutionize the railway system as people know it today. Whether or not this venture will be a success, remains to be seen, though. It does raise a lot of interesting questions, to say the least.

This particular trial involves around 1,500 test subjects. Every tester has an NFC chip embedded under their skin. With this chip, they can check into railway transportation services without having to rely on traditional methods. It is the first time this technology is used for public transportation purposes, but so far this experiment appears to be quite successful.

The chip in question is the size of a grain of rice. It is embedded by dedicated piercing shops, which means interested parties are in good hands. Once the chip is implanted, the user will need to link it to their railway account. As this process is completed, they can fund their account, and use the money to pay for train tickets accordingly. It is quite a revolutionary system, which would make public transportation a lot more convenient for the everyday person.

By using these NFC chips, travelers can be identified across different stops along the route. Moreover, the chips provide other functionality as well. In some places, they can open office doors and ensure they receive their office printing jobs right away. It is evident Sweden is looking to automate a lot of aspects of daily life by using these NFC chips. Not too long ago, a local startup started embedding similar chips into employees’ hands.

Other countries across Europe are not too keen on NFC technology just yet. Although NFC payments are becoming more common, very few organizations are exploring this technology for public transportation or other services. It is evident there is still a lot of research and development to be done when it comes to this technology. Experiments such as this one in Sweden will provide some valuable insights regarding how this technology can be used to improve our daily lives.

Implanting NFC chips in the human body remains a very interesting but contested concept. Many people feel bio hacks such as NFC chips should not be allowed, whereas others feel it will be an integral part of the future of our society as a whole. It is unclear if there are any long-term side effects associated with implanting an NFC chip into one’s body. It is certainly possible this can be harmful, but for now, that has not been officially proven.

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