Craig Wright Signed With Outside Organisation PR Agency

More information is surfacing regarding the major announcements Craig Wright promised the Bitcoin world, even though he will never deliver on them after throwing in the towel. It is worth noting, however, he hired a major PR agency to ensure his message got out to the world.

Craig Wright And The Infamous PR Agency

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Most people will have noticed how Craig Wright had no issues in sharing his message about being Satoshi Nakamoto with the world. The man had always claimed he never wanted any publicity or fame, which begs the question as to why he hired a PR agency to do his bidding. Granted, this allows him to reach mainstream media, but the message would have been picked up otherwise as well.

To make this matter even more intriguing, Craig Wright used the Outside Organisation PR agency, which is best-known for working with clients such as David Beckham and David Bowie. For someone who never wanted the spotlight, he certainly went out of his way to ensure one of the biggest names in the PR business was on his side.

According to QZ, the choice for this PR agency was not random, as they have plenty of experience in the field of very technological matters. Working with David Bowie for over 30 years has been quite useful in this regard. Moreover, the PR firm has a reputation of orchestrating stories, which has given them the moniker of “media masters”.

Keeping in mind how Craig Wright seemingly had the BBC and The Economist on speed dial every time he had an announcement to make, it was rather clear a PR agency was involved at some point. All of the journalists in question had to sign a nondisclosure agreement as well. Otherwise they would be barred from participating in this media circus.

Now that Craig Wright has waved goodbye to the Bitcoin world after crumbling under the pressure of his own revelations and guilt, it looks like all ties with Outside Organisation will be cut as well. They have lost a major client, but at least the world can now rest assured Wright was not Satoshi Nakamoto.

Source: QZ

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