Craig Wright is Not Satoshi

Craig Wright’s proof of being Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto is fraudulent as it was linked to a 2009 Bitcoin transaction. Furthermore, the way Mr. Wright keeps proving he is Satoshi is running his code in front of other people, code which has grammar mistakes a middle school student can notice.

At the end of last year Craig Wright was accused by several journalists that he was indeed Satoshi. At the time he remained silent as a day after the announcement he was raided by the Australian police due to an investigation into his taxes. You see, Mr. Wright didn’t do his taxes “wright”, and after claiming millions of dollars in tax credits and having a market cap of $300 million on all his shell companies, the Australian Tax Office took notice and raided his house, the report states:

“The [ATO] team has been interviewing Mr Wright’s former business associates in Sydney about tax claims he made through businesses and as an individual, while the ATO has been questioning former associates on supposed deals done through Mr Wright’s network of companies that claim to have about $300m in market cap­italisation backed through bitcoin.”

Now, five months later Craig is claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto the highly respected and greatly admired Bitcoin creator. Craig is digging himself into a deeper hole as his proof of being Satoshi is bogus and completely worthless. Any blog or publication that claim Craig is Satoshi is lying to your face. There is absolutely no proof that Craig is Satoshi and the proof that he presented could easily be faked by a 5 year old and holds absolutely no merit. Take a look at this provided script from Craig’s blog which was supposedly used to verify the signature:

signiture craig wright scammer

This fatal bug was pointed out by throwaway159610. Further discussion on the r/Bitcoin thread explains that the trick is running both the base64 and the openssl commands at the same time which creates a race condition and will allow openssl to finish before base64. As a result, any random signature or even text can be placed in the $signiture environment variable.

This brings us to our next point, how Gavin Andersen verified that Craig is Satoshi. Gavin explains on reddit that he had to use a laptop provided by Craig along with the USB stick containing this scammy script. It would only make sense that Craig would have to provide a laptop with the already embedded $signiture environment variable with the bogus signature inside. If any other laptop was used which did not have the programmed environment variable the script would fail. Not surprisingly Gavin’s commit access has been revoked by the Core team as they fear his accounts have been hacked to give credit to Craig’s scam.

Thanks to the Bitcoin community over at r/Bitcoin, Craig’s hoax was uncovered and now he will forever be known as that one guy who pretended to be Satoshi, how sad. Craig’s so called proof of him being Satoshi included him publishing a lengthy blog post trying to show people how to prove his signature is indeed that of Satoshi’s. However, nowhere in the post is there a valid signature that can be verified! In that post he gives clear instructions on how to verify his signature via obscure methods, which in itself throws a red flag.

Furthemore, Dan Kaminsky’s blog (a security researched) links Craig’s faked signature to a 2009 transaction which renders the proof completely useless.

The procedure that’s supposed to prove Dr. Wright is Satoshi is aggressively, almost-but-not-quite maliciously resistant to actual validation. -Dan Kaminsky

If this isn’t clear proof that Mr. Wright is a manipulative scammer then I don’t know what is. The ATO will have a field fest using this information to further their investigation. It is in Craig’s best interest to pretend to be Satoshi as that would explain the source of his millions dollars worth of Bitcoin. However, Craig Wright underestimated the Bitcoin community and must have thought it was literally retarded to believe this pathetic attempt at another hoax.

In the unlikely event that Craig Wright is in fact Satoshi, due to the way this attempted proof panned out, the community not only will have a hard time believing anything else that comes out of his mouth, but will be very disappointed to find out that he is indeed the creator of Bitcoin.

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