Buy Bitcoin With Flexepin In Canada

Making Bitcoin more accessible to everyday consumers in Canada is a great way to boost the popularity of digital currency in general. BitAccess has come up with an interesting idea to make the purchase of Bitcoin easier, as they will now convert Flexepin to BTC through their website. This makes digital currency accessible to consumers accessing over 6,000 retail locations in the country. Flexepin vouchers can be bought over the counter and paid for through any of the payment methods supported by that particular location.

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Flexepin Voucher to Bitcoin In Canada

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This type of over the counter exchange service is nothing new in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, even though it is one of the more convenient ways to get people acquainted with Bitcoin in general. Moreover, Flexepin vouchers can be used for a wide variety of services in Canada, and they are one of the more commonly sold voucher solutions in the country.

BitAccess has taken a page out of the Coinimal book by the look of things, as they will convert these Flexepin vouchers to Bitcoin though their website. Although users can only purchase a maximum of $250 worth of Bitcoin per day, that limit should be plentiful enough to introduce novice users to the world of digital currency in general.

Keeping in mind how consumers can buy the Flexepin voucher at over 6,000 retail locations, this decision is a smart move by BitAccess. Buying the card can be done over the counter, and consumers can choose from a variety of traditional payment methods, ranging from cash to plastic cards and anything else the store will accept.

Flexepin vouchers are available in different denominations, ranging from $25 to $250 each. Once the user has obtained such a voucher, they can enter the code on the BitAccess website, and purchase the equivalent value in Bitcoin. Transfers should be completed relatively quickly, as BitAccess claims transfers will happen instantly.

Source: BitAccess

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