Coinimal Adds OKPay For Users To Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum

Various exchange platforms around the world are trying to make the purchase of Bitcoin more convenient, in an effort to attract more customers on a global scale. Sometimes, that means Bitcoin exchange platforms have to add more traditional payment methods. Coinimal has done exactly that, as they now support OKPAY as a new payment option. Buying Bitcoin – and Ethereum in this case – has become a lot more convenient for users all over the world.

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OKPay Is A Great Addition To Coinimal

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Bitcoin exchange platforms heavily depend on the trading volume they process on a daily basis to ensure their business model is pretty solid. Coinimal is no exception in this regard, as the Austrian exchange platform is always on the lookout for additional payment methods to expand their existing customer base.

It comes as no surprise, then, to find out Coinimal has added OKPAY as a new payment method. Some people active in the world of online payments may have heard of this solution, as OKPAY is one of the more popular online wallet services accepted across thousands of platforms. In fact, some people would argue OKPAY is one of the first digital wallet solutions every to be created, even though users need to rely on credit and debit cards to use the service. However, bank accounts are supported as well, which makes it a bit more convenient to use.

The addition of this new payment method brings the total of different deposit methods at Coinimal to nine. Not only does this expand the global appeal of this Bitcoin exchange, but it makes it more convenient for existing customers to buy Bitcoin as well. There are a lot of people looking for a way to obtain Bitcoin without too much friction, and having the option to use OKPAY is a smart move on behalf of Coinimal.

What makes OKPAY so appealing to consumers all over the world is how this service charges lower fees than most other online wallet offerings. In fact, this is by far the cheapest way to buy both Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Coinimal exchange, which is something all digital currency enthusiasts will appreciate. Especially the users who do not have access to European bank accounts will reap the benefits from this payment option addition.

Source: Coinimal

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