Brave Rewards are now Available to all iOS Users

The Brave browser continues to turn a lot of heads. As the iOS release has now received support for rewards and ads, the project enters the next phase of development.

Virtually all cryptocurrency enthusiasts have heard about Brave by now. It is a very powerful and fast browser that rewards users for viewing advertisements.

A Crucial Brave Update on iOS

Anyone viewing those ads voluntarily will earn Basic Attention Token.

These tokens can then be used to reward other content creators and verified publishers.

Until this week, most of the Brave browser functionality wasn’t available on iOS yet. 

That is only normal, as the team is intent on rolling out features for different platforms in stages.

The latest app update has introduced some crucial changes.

iOS Users who browse the web with brave can now effectively see ads, if they opt-in to do so. 

Furthermore, users will earn the long-expected BAT rewards for using the browser on their mobile device.

This iOS update marks another crucial milestone for the Brave team. As more users gain access to the full potential of this project, the ecosystem can continue to grow.

It is interesting to note how it took several months before the Brave rewards came to iOS users.

Owners of an Android device have been able to earn rewards for viewing advertisements since April of 2019.

Apple has a far more strict approval process for applications and associated updates. 

As such, it is possible the thorough review process is partially to blame for this “delay” in rolling out this crucial functionality.