Brave Referral Payout Changes Hint at Future Explosive Ecosystem Growth

The browser war continues to heat up in an interesting manner. Brave is the “new kid on the block” trying to make an impact. Some interesting changes are coming regarding referral payouts. This will be of great interest to users, although it is only a small step in the right direction. 

Growing Number of Publishers

The success of Brave has been intriguing to keep an eye on. This particular browser has garnered a growing audience. Simply because users can earn money for browsing the internet and support content creators directly. It is a very different take on internet browsing in general, and one that should have been in place for several years now. 

So far, it seems that publishers are taking a strong liking to this concept. They can tap into an extra revenue stream at no cost or without making any changes to the platforms they create content on. While not many people will get rich by earning BAT at this time, it is a more than welcome addition to the overall tight revenue streams in the content creation industry today.

Referral Payout Changes

Keeping the Brave ecosystem relevant at all times requires continuous work. Although the project is still in the early stages, the team is working hard on attracting even more users. This is especially apparent where the newly announced referral rates are concerned. Although this is still subject to countries being categorized in certain tiers, there is some good money to be made by getting others to use the Brave browser. 

Interestingly enough, the company primarily focuses on getting more users in the United States. It is a very big market, although competing with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari will not be easy. Other regions paying handsomely in terms of referrals include Canada, France, Japan, the UK, and New Zealand, among others. With rates ranging from $1 to $7.5 per referral, attracting as many users as possible can be a lucrative model.

Solid Overall Growth

While the increase in Brave-enabled publishers is a good thing, there are other statistics contributing to the overall growth of this ecosystem. The overall number of addresses has now officially surpassed the 185,000 threshold. Every website or user becoming a verified publisher will need to create a BAT address of their own. It seems this uptrend will remain in place for some time to come, which further contributes to this ecosystem in many different ways. 

It also appears Brave is gaining traction among publishers on different platforms. The main focus still lies on YouTube, but solid growth can be noted across overall websites, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, Vimeo, and GitHub. The only major platform lagging behind is Soundcloud. Artists can certainly benefit from getting in on the Basic Attention Token action in this day and age. Every revenue stream needs to be tapped if people want to be successful. 

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency