Blockchain-based Betting Platforms Disrupt the Online Gambling Industry

London, UK – The emergence of blockchain-based betting platforms such as BetDEX, and Betswap is revolutionising the online gambling space. These platforms, which are built on blockchain technology, allow for secure, transparent transactions and smart contracts, ensuring automatic and instant payouts. This approach eliminates the need for a centralised intermediary and provides users with a fair and transparent online betting experience.

Industry leaders, BetDEX, and Betswap, offer a wide range of betting options for users, including sports, esports, and even politics. They also provide their own tokens, which can be used to place bets and receive rewards. These tokens can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, providing an additional source of revenue for users.

One of the major advantages of these platforms is their decentralisation and low fees, which allows for a high level of autonomy and freedom for bettors. This is in contrast to traditional online betting platforms, which are often subject to government regulations and can be blocked in certain countries.

Varun Sudhakar, Co-Founder and CEO of BetDEX, said:

“The sports betting industry charges high prices for poor products and limits trades by its most successful users. BetDEX is diametrically opposed to this approach, we will successfully compete against incumbents with a markedly superior product and low fees, which is now possible with the advent of blockchain technology. Winners will always be welcome on our protocol.”

In addition to providing increased opportunities for bettors, we are also witnessing an increase in blockchain betting free bets being promoted. These are bonuses and promotions geared specifically towards bettors seeking blockchain betting services. Blockchain free bets come in all manner of varieties, depending on which service provider is used. From free tokens for new players to loyalty bonuses and enhanced prices, gamblers now have an extensive list of blockchain betting sites and promotions to compare.

Online betting aggregator is leading the way in the niche yet emerging world of blockchain betting, with its site collating the very best operators along with the latest promotions.

Steve Gummer, Director of the online betting portal, comments:

“The rise of blockchain-based betting platforms and promotions is a clear indication that the UK online gambling industry is ready for disruption. With their cutting-edge technology and decentralized approach, these platforms are well-positioned to lead the way in this new space. We at are excited to be servicing the UK’s burgeoning community of blockchain bettors and work with these disruptive brands”.

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Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash