Tor Project Loses Top Contributor And Bridge Authority Feature

The Tor project continues to make headlines all over the world, even though the news is rather mixed these days. The most recent update regarding Tor saw one of their veteran contributors leave the project after shutting down a critical network node. Not the best course of action, but it will not be the end of the world either.

Another Blow For The Popular Tor Project

Those users who are keeping tabs on the Tor Project may have heard of Tonga before. This particular part of the onion network serves as a Bridge Authority, and the service will be shut down shortly. Lucky Green, the developer behind this project, has given his notice and he will be looking for greener pastures.

According to the note he left on the Tor Project website, the situation is deemed “no longer appropriate” for him to materially contribute to Tor. While it certainly true Green has been paying a lot of money out of pocket to the development of Tonga throughout the years, things have taken a turn for the worse in his personal life.

In fact, Green was one of the earliest users of the Tor project, and he ran a network node for several years now. To put this into perspective, by the time Green got around to being involved in this project, it wasn’t even known under the Tor name yet. That is the kind of dedication this person has put into this initiative.

As part of this decision, any Tor-related services hosted on any of Green’s systems will be taken offline shortly. This is a major setback for the project, as they lose one of their most valuable team members. Tonga, the Bridge Authority as it known as among Tor users, is one of those services. Keeping in mind how this is a vital service to the project, it will be difficult to replace it.

Thankfully, the Tor developers have some time left on the clock to come up with solutions. All services will be shut down on August 31st,  which is still a few weeks from today. Some of the faster Tor relays will be shut down as well. It will be interesting to see how the developers will deal with this setback, although it is expected they will come up with

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