@Bitcoin Refers to Bitcoin as a Two-year-old Experimental Cryptocurrency With no Whitepaper

There have been a lot of discussions regarding which currency should call itself Bitcoin. Although one would assume Bitcoin itself would be the most obvious choice, that is not necessarily the case. Bitcoin Cash supporters are convinced there are better currencies out there, including BCH. A recent tweet by @Bitcoin is certainly sparking a lot of new debates.

The BTC-BCH Debate Continues

It seems there is no end to the debate over whether Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin or not. Obvious evidence points to BCH being an altcoin, although the semantics are proving quite convoluted. There is a genuine cult mentality taking shape among people who consider Bitcoin Cash to be the Bitcoin originally envisioned in 2008, although it is evident that title still belongs to BTC itself.

Depending on how one portrays Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, both currencies can claim the title of Bitcoin. They are both offspring of the same idea, even though Bitcoin Cash simply did not exist as a currency back when Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the whitepaper and introduced the world to Bitcoin in its purest form. At that time, there was only BTC, and BCH only became relevant to this debate in 2017.

Over the years, one could argue BTC has departed from the path originally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto. Depending on how one wants to interpret the original Bitcoin whitepaper, it is safe to say the BTC we know today is not necessarily in line with what Nakamoto had hoped for. At the same time, Bitcoin Cash may not necessarily fit that classification either, even though its developers are doing things very differently.

The recent tweet by the @Bitcoin Twitter account – which was seemingly reinstated after its most recent ban – is causing a lot of confusion again. More specifically, the account claims Bitcoin Cash is the oldest cryptocurrency, with its whitepaper published in 2008 and the genesis block mined in 2009. That is factually incorrect, although it is something one could – politically speaking – justify up to a certain degree.

However, calling Bitcoin Core – or BTC – an experimental currency is clearly misrepresenting the truth. There is no such currency as Bitcoin Core, just like there isn’t BCash. This name-calling is getting a bit old by now and shows a lack of professionalism. BTC is Bitcoin, as it has been since its inception in 2008. While not everyone may agree with how the currency is being developed, it is still the world’s leading cryptocurrency despite all of the conflicting opinions.

As one would expect, the Bitcoin community isn’t too happy with @Bitcoin’s tweet. Some will even see this blatant misinformation as a valid reason to get the account suspended from Twitter again. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, but it is a very distinct possibility at this stage. While no one doubts the success of Bitcoin Cash, these backhanded tactics need to end on both sides. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely the childish behavior will be weeded out anytime soon.