“Bitcoin Core” Is Another Attempt to Discredit Bitcoin Cash

The last thing the world needs right now is more cryptocurrencies using the Bitcoin name. Things have gotten a bit out of hand in recent months, yet that doesn’t deter teams from trying to bring more “shitcoins” to the table. Bitcoin Core is a new project not to be confused with Bitcoin or the Bitcoin core developers.

Bitcoin Core is a Self-professed Shitcoin

A lot of people are not too amused by the success of Bitcoin Cash. This particular altcoin has performed a lot better compared to what most Bitcoin fans had expected, yet it shows there is also a fair degree of jealousy in this industry. True Bitcoin supporters will claim Bitcoin Cash is a useless altcoin that serves no real purpose. More level-headed people will acknowledge Bitcoin Cash is a better version of Bitcoin, although its on-chain scaling solution is not necessarily ideal in the long term either.

Even though there is plenty of room for both currencies to coexist, some people just like to poke the proverbial sleeping bear. If the so-called Bitcoin Core project is any indication, the spat between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is far from over at this point. In fact, it seems this project is merely designed to make fun of everyone who publicly supports Bitcoin Cash as of right now.

With the Bitcoin Core project’s wallet being called “Core”, things just got even more confusing for novice enthusiasts. That appears to be the main objective of this project, as they want to put more cores in Bitcoin Core than the actual Bitcoin core developers can do. It’s a very childish attitude, but it will certainly strike a chord with a lot of users as well. Making fun of these terms will only lead to more confusion for people who are completely new to Bitcoin, though.

Unlike what people might expect, Bitcoin Core has no intentions of taking itself seriously. Instead, this is yet another campaign to point out flaws associated with Bitcoin Cash. It also appears to be a direct attack on Roger Ver, as he is mentioned on the website quite a few times. There’s also the fact that both Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash are – according to the website – shitcoins. The team also wants Bitcoin Cash to stop “posturing like Bitcoin”.

The political angle associated with this Bitcoin Core “fork” should not be overlooked either. It seems the team is mainly concerned over the alleged censorship taking place on Reddit when it comes to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Additionally, they seem to take offense to the success of Bitcoin Cash in terms of getting listed on exchanges and having sites drop native Bitcoin support in favor of alternative solutions such as BCH.

It is pretty interesting to keep an eye on projects such as “Bitcoin Core”, though. It is evident some people are desperate to make Bitcoin Cash go away, which only strengthens this altcoin’s position in the market. At the same time, the true Bitcoin core developers are working hard on the Lightning Network to bring Bitcoin’s scaling solution to market as quickly as possible. It will be intriguing to see how things play out as far as these two currencies are concerned.