Bitcoin Blockchain-based Digital Assets Are Becoming The New Rage

The Counterparty ecosystem is seeing its fair share of success as of late. Several new projects have launched, all of which make use of this particular platform to issue tokens. Spells of Genesis is perhaps the biggest project, but Force of Will has been doing well so far as well. Plus, there is BitGirls, a new TV show that will bring lots of attention to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Counterparty is Firing On All Cylinders

One of the biggest appeals regarding the Counterparty platform is how it is accessible to anyone. Companies and individuals can create their Bitcoin-based tokens, which are secured by the blockchain. This creates a slew of new opportunities for content creators, producers, artists, and enterprises looking to improve their loyalty points system.

Plenty of new projects have been launched on the Counterparty platform as of late. Force of Will, another blockchain-based trading card game, has seen significant sales volume in North America so far. Rare Force of Will cards will be issued on the Bitcoin blockchain, and the beta version of the game’s battle simulator has been made available to the public.

Another venture that will attract mainstream attention is BitGirls, a new TV show that will air on Tokyo MX in the next few weeks. Since over 14 million households have access to this channel, there is a huge potential for promoting Bitcoin and the blockchain. BitGirls revolves around blockchain voting for a nationally syndicated TV show with a worldwide audience.

But the Counterparty ecosystem goes much further than just these two projects. Zaif, a major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, has recently added trading support for Counterparty-based tokens. In fact, they even issued their own ZAIF token on Counterparty not too long ago, which has seen tremendous trading volume so far.

All of this goes to show that there is a significant interest in Bitcoin and blockchain-based assets. The distributed ledger ecosystem allows people to create tokens that may represent value or tangible items. At this rate, it seems likely that there will be even more interest in this ecosystem, particularly when it is being promoted on Japanese TV.

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