Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Zaif Noted Record Trading Volume Last Week

Very few people are aware of how many Bitcoin exchanges there are over in Japan, as the Land of the Risin Sun is not often mentioned about digital currency. Zaif is one of those illuster exchanges who deal with Bitcoin in the country, and they are on the right track to set some new records throughout the coming months.

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Zaif Sees Significant Bitcoin Volume Boost

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Trading Volume Zaif

Little over a week ago, the Zaif exchange noted a healthy increase in their Bitcoin trading volume. With over 33,000 BTC changing hands in a 24-hour period, previous records were shattered, and a boost in Bitcoin enthusiasm across Japan was noted. But the fun didn’t end there for the exchange, as things got even better later that evening.

When everything was said and done, Zaif noted a total volume of over 45,000 Bitcoin by the end of April 7th, which was an unexpected amount, to say the least. These high numbers lead to a thorough investigation by the exchange’s staff, just to determine where most of the trading volume was coming from.

As one would come to expect, almost 65% of the trading volume came from within Japan itself, which shows a significant boost in digital currency adoption in the region. Whether or not this is due to Bitcoin being looked at as an investment vehicle, or perhaps a sign of things to come for digital currency in the country remains anybody’s guess right now.

The remainder of that trading volume came from all over the world, without any clear leaders establishing a presence in the charts. But what was a real shocker is how Zaif almost equalled as much volume as the top Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, which have a firm grip on the digital currency markets for quite some time now.

It is always good to see different exchanges pop up with high trading volume now and then. Zaif will be on a lot of people’s radar from now on as they are a driving force for Bitcoin interest in Japan. Competition in the Bitcoin exchange space is always positive, as the consumers will be the ones benefiting from that battle.

Source: Zaif

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