Alta and Wirex Enable Litecoin Support for Payments and Services

A lot of things are changing in the world of cryptocurrency as we speak. Although most people tend to overlook Litecoin in this regard, it may become a far more popular cryptocurrency in the near future. With various companies paying close attention to LTC and integrating it into debit card solutions, things will be getting pretty interesting moving forward.

The Future of Litecoin Looks Bright

Ever since Charlie Lee decided to sell off his Litecoin holdings late last year, most people were concerned that the future of LTC was in jeopardy. After all, if the lead developer suddenly decides to sell all of his holdings in quick succession when the price rises, there is a good chance we won’t see any further improvements. That is not the case as far as Litecoin is concerned, though, as Charlie Lee remains committed to this altcoin.

Even so, it seems there are a lot of companies which are paying attention to Litecoin as of right now. Even though most of these firms provide access to Bitcoin and Ethereum as well, there is something about LTC which entices them. There is still a huge gap when it comes to using Litecoin as a payment method for goods and services, although it remains unclear why that is the case. When the Litepay venture fell apart earlier this year, things were not looking all that great.

There is still plenty to look forward to as a Litecoin holder, though. It seems a lot of companies are flocking to Litecoin all of a sudden, mainly because of its faster and cheaper transactions. A recent $99 million Litecoin transaction was completed for a fee of just $0.40, which is very different from what most people are currently familiar with. Other currencies can achieve similar numbers in the long run, although it is evident such transactions are rather rare in the cryptocurrency world.

Thankfully, we’re seeing Litecoin making inroads as a payment method all over the world. Alza, a Czech store, has adopted LTC as a payment option. This is a pretty big development, considering that Alza is one of the largest retail shops in the country. Although it remains to be seen if Litecoin adoption will surge due to this development, it is evident that interest in this alternative cryptocurrency is rising as we speak.

The biggest recent announcement, though, may be that Wirex is enabling support for Litecoin as well. Considering that Wirex is one of the few companies still offering cryptocurrency debit cards as of right now, announcing support for Litecoin is a pretty interesting turn of events. Even so, companies such as this one will need to keep an eye on the cryptocurrency markets and enable support for additional currencies moving forward.

It is good to see more currencies gaining traction in this regard. There is a lot more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even XRP. Litecoin has been around for quite some time now, and it will get some major technical upgrades such as its own Lightning Network, among other things. With the aforementioned companies now on board with Litecoin, it will be interesting to see how Charlie Lee’s creation evolves in the near future.