Charlie Lee Tweets About Nano and Everyone Freaks Out

Charlie Lee has always been one of the more intriguing cryptocurrency developers to follow on social media. His involvement with Litecoin has been well documented, and Lee has also been posting some interesting comments regarding other altcoins. Unsurprisingly, some of his recent comments have irritated a lot of Litecoin supporters, as they feel Lee is turning his back on the currency he created.

Charlie Lee Pays Respect to Nano

In the world of cryptocurrency, any semi-positive remark regarding any cryptocurrency project will automatically make you a shill in the eyes of others. It is diffcult to be positive about any currency that isn’t Bitcoin these days, as the social media backlash will not be fun to deal with. Thankfully, some of the more charismatic individuals in the cryptocurrency industry are making their mark in a positive manner in this regard.

Charlie Lee, the developer of the Litecoin currency, has embarked on an interesting “mission”. Earlier this week, Lee posted some encouraging comments about Nano, a cryptocurrency many people are keeping a close eye on right now. According to Lee, Nano has a pretty “neat” infrastructure and offers fast and free transactions for all users. He has also acknowledged that he owns some Nano, presumably for speculative reasons.

It did not take all that long for some Twitter users to take his remarks the wrong way. One user was quick to claim that Charlie Lee was going down the same path as John McAfee by “shilling” coins for personal gain. While that is obviously the last thing Lee would do, it just goes to show how some people perceive this industry right now. The amount of bile, jealousy, and distrust in the cryptocurrency scene is growing to cataclysmic proportions. When this powder keg explodes, it will not be a pretty sight.

In his tweet, Charlie Lee commented that there is room for more than one successful cryptocurrency. Many people feel that Bitcoin is the only coin that matters and that everything else is garbage. The same applies to most altcoins’ community members, who believe their coin is better than Bitcoin in every way. It seems people don’t want any positive remarks posted on social media about currencies they don’t own. This is not a positive trend for this industry, as it will eventually destroy cryptocurrencies from within.

Whether or not this tweet will have any lasting negative impact on Lee, Litecoin, or Nano remains to be determined. It is evident that Lee wanted to be as transparent as possible in discussing a currency other than Litecoin. He certainly succeeded in that regard, yet people always take this sort of thing the wrong way. It’s a very unfortunate development, yet it is also one of the reasons why so many people tend to stay away from currencies that are not Bitcoin or Ethereum.