Wirex App Unifies Mobile Banking and Bitcoin On Android and iOS

Wirex, the company formerly known as E-Coin, have unveiled the mobile applications for both Android and iOS users. Existing E-Coin users can log into this application, and keep an eye on their card balance. Wirex App is accessible to users in over 130 countries around the world, and even supports both Bitcoin and fiat currency transactions from the comfort of one’s mobile device. Mobile banking meets Bitcoin within this application.

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Wirex App Extends Mobile Banking to Bitcoin

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Similar to what users might expect from a bank-issued mobile applications, Wirex App will put the E-Coin user in full control of their funds. Not only can they top up the debit card from within the application, but transactions can be completed in both Bitcoin and fiat currency as well. In a way, this extends traditional mobile banking to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The main objective of Wirex App is to make day-to-day financial operations more convenient for Bitcoin users. The debit card issued by E-Coin is just the first of many services to bridge the gap between traditional mobile banking and the world of Bitcoin and digital currencies. The Wirex App will play a big role in this process, as users can register a new account, store their Bitcoin, and denominate fiat currency in three different values.

Moreover, the Wirex app shows an extensive overview of past transactions and their details, while also offering a way to generate new Bitcoin addresses. Sending funds can be done through QR code, entering a Bitcoin wallet address, or just sending money to any email address. Last but not least, this app is a lot more convenient to keep track of debit card balances, and top them up whenever needed.

Wirex and E-Coin Co-founder Dmitry Lazarichev stated:

“The Wirex app makes it easy for our users to use E-Coin cards while they are on the move. Our aim is to create products that feature blockchain technology in its core but yet extremely user-friendly. We already use our phones for so many things so why not integrate finances as well? For example, I can instantly send funds to anyone in my email list, no matter where they are in the world. The app also informs me of all transactions in real time, so if my debit card is ever compromised, I can quickly block the card straight from my phone. It’s a very convenient app for our users.”

It is important to keep in mind the release of the mobile Wirex App does not mean the rebranding from E-Coin to Wirex has been completed. The new platform is still on schedule for a full launch at some point in April of 2016. A complete explanation of what this mobile app is capable of, can be found on this blog.

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