123 Swap Announces the Launch of a Strategic Partnership With Avalanche With New Addition to Its Cross Chain

123Swap today announced the integration of its unique decentralized, non-custodial cross-chain architecture into Avalanche (AVAX). This move serves to not only lay the foundation for a close partnership between the two platforms in the upcoming time but also accelerate the development of truly decentralized cross-chain apps that will shape the future of DeFi.

The innovative, decentralized, non-custodial cross-chain infrastructure of 123 Swap is now merged into Avalanche’s unrivaled ecosystem of projects and applications in this cooperation. For Avalanche, its ecosystem projects will be able to develop new value and use cases for its consumers by utilizing the power of cross-chain technology. For 123 Swap, this collaboration enables it to uphold its mission of providing exchanges with a focus on easiness, transparency, and convenience while reducing the need for an intermediary. In addition, the two industry leaders plan to enhance collaboration in the future to accelerate the development of truly decentralized cross-chain apps that will fuel DeFi’s future.

123 Swap’s collaboration with Avalanche is part of the platform’s ongoing project to add 1 to 2 new blockchains per week to its fastest-growing DEFI chain, which is still in the private sale phase. Some prominent platforms that 123 Swap is looking to integrate into its blockchains include Moonriver, Shiden Network, Okex chain, Heco Eco chain, KCC chain, Gate chain, Harmony one, Solana, Cardano, etc.

With a cross-chain architecture that has already supported a number of high-profile blockchain projects, including Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Polygon (MATIC), and now Avalanche (AVAX) blockchains, 123 Swap is in a perfect position to revolutionize the future of DeFi and become the most advanced cross-chain solution in the world. To achieve this, 123 Swap is committed to putting the basic concept of DeFi back into play, keeping up with the newest developments, and to working with the finest and most trustworthy DeFi techniques.

About Avalanche:

Avalanche (AVAX) is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. Avalanche is blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. Any smart contract-enabled application can outperform its competition by deploying on Avalanche.

About 123 Swap:

123 Swap is a decentralized financial ecosystem that enables seamless crypto-asset swapping between peers. It provides exchanges with a focus on easiness, transparency, and convenience, as well as income and investment management choices, all without the need for an intermediary. 123 Swap’s purpose is to empower blockchain technology and increase the use of cryptocurrencies for purchase and payment across the financial industry to establish the next-generation financial ecosystem.

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