ZoZo Coin Joins Moldova Blockchain Association for Real Estate Investment

ZoZo Coin, a Moldova-based startup focusing on a blockchain tech, is announcing a partnership with the Digital Distributed Technology Moldova Association (DTMA). This news emerges as the project tries to support blockchain efforts in the country and innovate the real estate using the tech.

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Currently, ZoZo Coin is attempting to find real use cases for the blockchain as it relates to the real estate market. Their goal is not to just benefit investors, but to have their project benefit Moldovan locals, specifically in these following ways: Job Creation, Community economic development and supporting higher education.

A Quote from the DTMA reads:

“We are happy that ZoZo Coin has become a sponsor partner to the association and has shown the interest into Investment opportunities for blockchain technology, current discussions for local projects has been of key interest especially when this connects to job creation within Moldova and there interest in supporting the Digital Moldova 2020 Roadmap.”

As a means of supporting education in the country, DTMA is partnering with the ZoZo Coin team to create the ZoZo Lab, which will take on students to work as interns for the project and them them with things like marketing and PR, IT, and real estate projects.


The project is also experimenting with other organizations that could create more investment opportunities, something they believe could result in financing up to $10 million USD. In addition, they also believe it could grow tourism in Moldova — increasing the amount of people visiting the country by potentially tens of thousands per year.

DTMA’s initiative is helping to bring Moldova up to par with the rest of Europe economically , as Moldova is currently Europe’s poorest country, by leveraging blockchains to spark technological advancement in the country.

Blockchain experimentation could also bring investor money into the country, considering the amount of money being put into cryptos on a global scale — seeing well over half a trillion dollars being invested into the market in 2017.

ZoZo Coin’s first move in joining the DTMA initiative and becoming a sponsor was to add $100,000 USD to the project. Its token has also been added to Moldova’s first ever cryptocurrency exchange, which is launching in the beginning of January of 2018.

Additionally, the startup has been involved with philanthropic activities, with the organization having donated about $48,000 USD towards typhoon victims in Vietnam. According to ZoZo, they believe this effort demonstrates how blockchains can be used to improve the lives of the most needy.