ZenCash Introduces Super Nodes to Help Decentralize the Network

The ZenCash team is preparing to integrate Super Nodes, which will serve a very specific purpose in this ecosystem. Now is a good time to see how this particular multi-tiered node system will work.

ZenCash Super Nodes are Coming

It is always good to see alternative cryptocurrencies embrace a slightly different model compared to what we see with every other cryptocurrency on the market. The team is confident they can make a positive impact with the launch of Super Nodes. They are not the same as Secure Nodes, and they will offer different benefits.

First of all, these nodes will help manage key network and system functions, including the hosting of multiple services on sidechains, tracking secure node uptime, and queueing the needed payments for miners. All of these features are big aspects of ZenCash, and it’s always good to have some “backup layer” for the Secure Nodes in terms of tracking uptime.

Moreover, the ZenCash team acknowledges their current node system can benefit from more decentralization. It is evident most cryptocurrencies suffer from a lack of decentralization when it comes to network nodes, yet solving this problem is not all that easy. Even Bitcoin has struggled in this area, as most of its nodes can be found across a few cloud services. That is not the way people should run nodes, although it is inevitable that such approaches will become more popular.

What makes these Super Nodes even more intriguing is that they also serve as the foundation for future ZenCash services. The team is confident they can turn this project into much more than just another cryptocurrency, although that is much easier said than done, for obvious reasons. With a lot of features set to be added in the near future, it is certainly possible that Super Nodes will play an increasingly important role moving forward.

Other benefits of Super Nodes include on-chain tracking and payments, which is a big step up from how things are currently done. Providing these services through external solutions was a necessary evil that the ZenCash team had to deal with, yet it seems their desire to become more decentralized is slowly paying off. Additionally, the introduction of sidechain capabilities is another big development for any cryptocurrency. Being able to build new features which are not necessarily currency-oriented is always a good thing. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee that people will be interested in doing so in the case of ZenCash, though.

As one would expect, setting up a ZenCash Super Node means users will need to adhere to a fair few technical requirements, as well as have a total balance of 500 ZEN locked up in an address for staking purposes. If things go according to plan, ZenCash will have over 2,000 Super Nodes in the future, although it remains to be seen how feasible that goal really is.