You Can Now Pay With Bitcoin To See Your Favourite Popstars, with Ticket Squeeze

Ticket Squeeze, a famous online ticketing platform, has begun to accept payments in cryptocurrencies for over 10,000 live events.

Ticket Squeeze is a reliable ticket exchange that provides customers with access to over 10,000 live events. Customers can now pay in cryptocurrencies to see their favorite pop star or sports team. The Ticket Squeeze platform plans to accept cryptocurrency payments at popular live events. The platform’s user-friendly interface has aided in the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a payment method for live event tickets.

For example, New York Broadway, the world’s oldest and most famous location for the arts, has given birth to many musical performances, including Hamilton. Broadway will once again lead innovation by accepting cryptocurrency payments via Ticket Squeeze. Ticket Squeeze aims to drive cryptocurrency mainstream adoption by allowing theatergoers to purchase tickets to everyone’s favorite world-famous musicals using cryptocurrency, a first for Broadway. Users in the United States and Canada can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin to pay for over 10,000 live events ranging from concerts to sports tickets on Ticket Squeeze.

Ticket Squeeze would operate on a gift card model, allowing users to purchase gift cards with cryptocurrencies, which they could then exchange for tickets to their favorite shows. Ticket squeeze is also aware of the issues surrounding cryptocurrency regulation, and they intend to make their cryptocurrency gift cards model as compliant with cryptocurrency payment policies as possible. Given that most people prefer to manage and transact their finances using traditional methods due to the complexities associated with DeFi, Ticket Squeeze aims to bridge the gap between the DeFi sector and the general public by facilitating newcomers’ entry into the crypto space through the use of gift cards. To scale the DeFi sector rapidly, we must make onboarding new users into the crypto space as seamless and straightforward as possible. 

The process for obtaining tickets using the gift card model is straightforward. According to the Ticket Squeeze website, customers can purchase gift cards ranging in value from $100 to $250 and then pay with their preferred cryptocurrency. Customers will then receive an email with the unique code to enter when selecting seats for live events.

The platform’s ability to innovate and accommodate more payment methods has distinguished it and positioned it as one of the leading ticketing companies in the United States. The platform’s gift card model enables it to automate customer refunds in the event of cancellation or postponement, providing buyers with complete protection. The Ticket Squeeze platform appears to have more plans for cryptocurrency integration in the future. It encourages people to use their innovative platform as they build the future of ticket inventory.