Why Choose Leather for Your Shoes?

When it comes to buying shoes, there are many different materials to choose from. Rubber, foam, synthetics, and textiles all have different advantages. So why should you choose leather over any of the other materials?

The Advantages of Leather

Leather shoes have several advantages over shoes made of other materials, including:

  •       Durability. Leather is tough. In fact, it’s one of the toughest materials we have that’s still flexible and lightweight enough to make a reasonable shoe. It can withstand impacts, deal with scuffs, and keep its form and shape if cared for responsibly. Leather shoes make for some of the most durable footwear you can own.
  •       Water resistance. Some people appreciate leather for the fact that it’s mostly water resistant, and it’s even more water resistant if you apply a leather conditioner to it. You can wear leather shoes in the rain without worrying about your feet getting wet. You can walk through the snow without worrying about your feet getting cold. And if someone spills water on your feet, it’s no big deal. Leather shoes are truly all weather, assuming you’ve treated them properly.
  •       A better fit. Most shoes are designed with flexibility in mind. It’s important to choose the right size, but most people need a little extra wiggle room. Leather is flexible enough to provide this wiggle room, but it also keeps its form well enough to give it a snug fit. It’s even more important to buy the right size of leather shoes because of this, but if you can get the right size, they should fit you perfectly.
  •       Protection from the elements. Because leather shoes are both durable and resistant to water, they have the power to protect your feet from the elements. That said, it’s also important to realize that snow, salt, and ice can be bad for your leather boots if you don’t take care of them properly. It’s a good idea to treat your leather shoes with leather conditioner proactively, and clean them thoroughly after wearing them in harsh weather conditions.
  •       Reasonable comfort. Many people find leather to be breathable and comfortable, making it a preferred material in shoe making. This largely boils down to personal preference, however, as some people don’t like the feel of leather.
  •       Easy cleaning. Inevitably, no matter how carefully you walk, your leather shoes are going to get dirty. But that’s not a big problem, since leather is relatively easy to clean. As long as you treat the stained or dirty area in a reasonable amount of time, you should be able to make your leather shoes look like new again.
  •       Timeless fashion. Fashions notoriously change over time. By the time you figure out what’s in style, it’s already at risk of becoming obsolete. That’s why many people prefer materials and styles that are timeless; in other words, materials and styles that never go out of fashion. Leather is one of these materials. It’s durable, stylish, and it caters to a wide range of different personal tastes. Accordingly, when you make an investment in leather shoes, you can count on that investment paying off for a long time.
  •       The pleasant smell. Though this factor is even more subjective, many people appreciate leather as a shoe material because of the smell associated with it. We don’t recommend taking a deep whiff of your shoes after wearing them, but when they’re new, they should smell amazing.
  •       Longevity. Assuming you take good care of your leather shoes, they can last a long while. Even if you wear them every day, they should last for many years. And if you make proactive repairs when necessary, they could last indefinitely.

Tips for Buying the Right Leather Shoes

Of course, even if you’re sold on the idea that leather makes for a good shoe material, that doesn’t mean every leather shoe is going to be a good fit.

Here are some tips to help you find the best leather shoes for your needs:

  •       Go handmade if you can. If possible, purchase a handmade leather shoe. Handmade crafts require more attention to detail, and the people producing them generally care more about quality. Plus, you’ll have a totally unique piece of fashion to call your own.
  •       Get the right fit. Leather is somewhat flexible, but it can also be rigid. Make sure you have an appropriately fitted shoe.
  •       Take good care of your investment. Treat your leather like an investment. Apply conditioner, clean it regularly, and make repairs when needed; it will help your leather shoes last for many years.

Leather shoes have been popular for decades, and they’ll likely be popular for decades to come. This material is strong, light, comfortable, and fashionable, so it makes for one of the best shoe material options available.

Photo by Noah Smith on Unsplash