What Is TrakInvest Cryptocurrency?

Traditional retail brokerage and investment models that have been used for decades are now being disrupted with the advent of blockchain-based automated systems and social networks. The financial industry has experienced a tremendous loss of customer trust primarily due to two key issues, namely, information asymmetry and inherent conflicts of interest within the traditional financial services model.

At its core, one can think of TrakInvest as an aggregator of financial wisdom which rewards its participants via a decentralized economy based on their individual performance and actionable insights.

Another way of looking at Trakinvest is as a virtual social trading platform that offers users with:

  • The ability to share their portfolio data with members of the ecosystem for a set subscription fee
  • An aggregation of crowdsourced sentiment, economic forecasts, and prediction tools through the use of specially devised smart contracts, machine learning modules, and AI protocols
  • Digital certification programs in online trading

According to the company’s website, TrakInvest already boasts over 100,000 users in Asia. This has been achieved through a series of partnerships between corporations, universities, and governments.

The roadmap also mentions that in the next few months, the platform will be introducing new components such as:

  • A virtual trading platform for cryptocurrencies
  • Crowdsourced sentiment tools designed exclusively for tracking equities and cryptocurrencies

TrakInvest aims to empower retail investors by creating a level playing field that eliminates issues related to information asymmetry. The ecosystem is governed entirely by a native currency called TRAK that is used to facilitate transactions taking place on the platform.

Overview of the service

  • Users can earn a monthly revenue stream in ETH in exchange for their real-time trading data and market sentiments.
  • TrakInvest is fully automated and can be used either via a dedicated web portal or through the company’s native mobile app.
  • TrakInvest allows interested parties to access invaluable trading data, insights, and sentiments, and it helps them maintain their virtual trading portfolios.
  • The service is easy to use and features a highly appealing UI.

Key Features

TrakInvest utilizes the power of blockchain technology to create a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem that provides its members with incentives for performing value-added services. Owing to this rewards-based business model, the platform is able to encourage the full establishment of a dynamic virtual socio-trading environment that rewards performance and sharing of trading data in a risk-free manner.

Another important aspect of TrakInvest is its scalability. Since the platform is backed by a powerful tech stack that boasts a strong Ethereum-driven open community network, the ecosystem has a strong technical framework—even as the number of network participants continues to increase.

TrakInvest provides its users with a highly-developed simulated trading environment that procures real-time data from 10 international stock exchanges encompassing over 18,000 stocks. As a result, it helps users practice stock investing without losing real money. The portal is designed to incentivize new users and seasoned investors alike through meaningful financial incentives, insights, and career opportunities.

Network architecture employed by the platform

Lastly, actual trading occurs in real time during market hours, and covers locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Australia, and the US.

How it works

For starters, customers are granted access to a recommendation engine that generates pertinent suggestions as to who the top traders in the market are. Then, using native TRAK tokens, participants are given the chance to make payments to these top performers for their advice and real-time trading data.

Overview of how the system works

Trakinvest also comes prebuilt with a proprietary TI Score module that aggregates a user’s investment track record along with how active they are on the social hub. This approximates an individual’s positive influence on the portal as well as determines their influence at the stock, sector, and market level. It also determines the number of tokens they can receive for sharing their real-time trading activity on the platform.

Lastly, the higher a user’s TI score, the more likely it is that their profile will be displayed within the native TRAK UI. This increases one’s probability of gaining new followers as well as receiving a higher payout.

About the team

Bobby Bhatia is the CEO and founder of Trakinvest. According to his LinkedIn profile, Bobby possesses over 25 years of experience in areas such as private equity and investment. He has also been responsible for executing over $5 billion in equity and mezzanine transactions in Asia. His resume includes leadership roles within companies such as:

  • J.P. Morgan Partners Asia
  • AIG Asia
  • O’Connor & Associates

Ankit Tiwari is the Head of Engineering for this project. His primary interests lie within AI development. In the past, he has served as an independent technical consultant for the Public Health Foundation of India.

Lastly, Urvi Babla is in charge of marketing activities for this venture. According to her online bio, she has over 12 years of experience in sectors such as marketing, strategy and team management. Urvi has also led many groups at top firms such as ICICI Securities and Religare Securities. She obtained her MBA from Manchester Business School.

Token Performance Details

As was mentioned earlier, all transactions taking place within this platform are facilitated by a currency called TRAK.

TRAK token lifetime performance chart (courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

Trakinvest currently possesses a market cap of US$2,913,401 (as of May 16) and its circulating supply is 39,445,437 TRAK.

The currency was introduced to the market at a price of US$0.123. However, since its strong start, TRAK has steadily declined in value, and as of May 16, the price of a single token stands at $0.079.

Final thoughts

With Trakinvest providing the cryptoverse with an AI-driven virtual social trading platform for equities and cryptocurrencies, it would not be surprising to see this technology do well this year.

If you would like to start investing in Trakinvest, TRAK trading pairs are currently available on COSS.