What is TargetCoin?

Seeing unique ideas in the sea of ICOs this summer is refreshing, and eye-catching. Anything that attempts to eloquently bring traditional investors into cryptocurrnecies is also particularly worth taking a look at, since traditional investors and traders may bring a large amount of capital into the cryptocurrency market with them. One is called Target Coin, which will allow investors to capitalize on the rise of blockchain technology while generating returns.

What is Target Coin (TGTCoin)?

TGTCoin is trying to make it easier for traditional investors to come over to cryptocurrencies by helping mitigate the risk and overcoming the technical barriers to entry which some investors may struggle with. It is only open to new investments during its rounds of ICOs and is a closed-end fund built on smart contracts. Their main goal is to deliver risk adjusted returns to their investors during both highs and lows in the market, while eliminating the most common barriers for traditional investors to participate in the cryptocurerncy markets.

The project issues tokens built on profit-sharing smart contracts. These contracts allow token holders to collect 85% quarterly profits, and an extra 0.75% bonus payout to performance payouts. These bonuses are unique to Target Coin. It is the only cryptocurrency fund in the world to pay out bonuses to its investors. This incentive should be appealing to many investors.

Target Coin also is the first fund ever to use its performance fees to buy back its own coins. This should make investors feel confident in their investments and grow that confidence more over time. Seeing a fund and a project buy back its own coins, not only taking investors money and issuing them, demonstrates the project’s own faith in what they do. When projects are confident in their own product, investors also feel more comfortable.

They also are working on creating something called TARGET-X, which will be an in-house business intelligence system for investors to get the real time data on the portfolio, participate in intelligence briefings, see the trade signals of other investors on the market, and have access to research articles. Access to this level of business and market intelligence can be a game changer for any investor. This is what separates smart positions and moves on the market and literally guessing. Knowledge of the market and of portfolios is the key to success when it comes to investing.

TargetCoin’s website: https://www.tgtcoins.com/

This is a sponsored post. This is not investment or trading advice. Always do your own due diligence and conduct independent research.