Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets are all of great interest to a lot of companies. One of those ventures goes by the name of ICONOMI, and it aims to become the “connection to the distributed economy”. Moreover, this new Digital Assets Management Platform is an intriguing technical service suited for novice investors, veteran traders, and blockchain experts alike.

The Reason Why ICONOMI Exists

In this day and age, consumers all over the world want to be exposed to digital assets of all kinds. This includes cryptocurrencies and other forms of money issued on top of blockchains. In an effort to bridge the gap between consumers and the distributed economy, ICONOMI provides a digital asset management platform. It is more than a marketplace for digital assets, though, as it may become the gateway for users to gain exposure to new technologies and assets.

How Does it all Work?

ICONOMI is a project which relies heavily on Digital Asset Arrays. Such arrays include various combinations of digital assets on the market today. With any number of assets supported, they allow for a lot of customization on behalf of users. Some people want extreme exposure to volatility, whereas others prefer to diversify for price stability as well as smaller gains and losses. ICONOMI supports all of these options and makes it easy to purchase all of the associated assets.

Additionally, the ICONOMI infrastructure doesn’t use contract lock-ins, nor does it prevent withdrawals from occurring in quick succession. Liquidity is a critical aspect of any digital asset management platform, and ICONOMI wants to provide a smooth service across the board. Combined with utmost transparency and no hidden costs, there is a lot to like about this platform in its current state.

Users of the ICONOMI ecosystem can also access the Blockchain Index DAA. This particular passively managed digital asset array can be acquired in a few clicks and helps users spread risk. With these currencies representing 78% of the sector by market cap, it is evident the goal is to expose users to “safer” assets first and foremost. DAA managers can also share their winning strategies with the community, which gives investors even more options to explore. By performing well, a DAA manager can build up a solid reputation and attract new investors accordingly.

The ICONOMI Token Explained

The native ICN token offers a fair few interesting opportunities for investors. Anyone owning this token will automatically benefit from buybacks in connection with ICONOMI’s assets under management. This will create a lot of wealth over time, but it also means that ICN is mainly designed for long-term investors, which are a rare breed in the cryptocurrency world. ICN can also be used with DAAs, although those specifics have yet to be finalized at this time.

ICONOMI’s Roadmap

With lots of work still ahead, the ICONOMI team has their hands more than full. A fiat ramp-up for end users is on the horizon, as is the introduction of a debit card and direct purchases of individual digital assets. We will also see some changes affecting DAA managers, including support for company accounts and more advanced functionality. The ICN token will also become a way to pay platform fees, and the Big Four audit will take place at some point in 2018 as well.