What Is Gnius?

In the world of cryptocurrency, there can never be enough wallets. Every single one of those offerings brings something unique to the table. In the case of Darico, the company’s Gnius wallet seems to check a lot of the right boxes. Although it’s still in alpha testing, the solution offers a fair bit of functionality and support to users.

An Overview of Gnius

Although the name would not necessarily suggest it, Gnius is a cryptocurrency wallet. This alpha-stage wallet is the brainchild of the Darico team, who aim to make cryptocurrency easier to access and invest in. Doing so will be quite challenging, as different users have different needs when it comes to wallets related to this new form of money.

As one would expect from a brand-new cryptocurrency wallet in alpha stage, there is still a lot of work to be done. Gnius currently works on Mac and Linux, with a Windows version “coming soon”. Considering that most cryptocurrency enthusiasts rely on Windows for their crypto needs, it is strange to see that platform not being supported out of the box.

For those users who can access the wallet, they can import a private key from a different wallet, as well as send and receive Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and the native DEC token. Other functionality will be added later, as there is no way to directly invest in other cryptocurrencies or tokens as of right now. How that will be tackled exactly remains to be determined, though.

One question a lot of people may ask themselves is why the world needs another cryptocurrency wallet. Making this new form of currency more accessible to the masses will not be easy by any means, even though a built-in investment feature will certainly attract a lot of positive attention – assuming the Gnius developers can add this type of functionality in future versions.

Based on the images on its website, future versions of Gnius will have a very clean layout letting users keep track of their tokens. It is clear this wallet is mainly oriented toward desktop users, although a mobile version will be made available in the future as well. Creating a unified wallet experience for cryptocurrency users is not something we see every day, which means Gnius can make a positive impact in this regard.

The alpha release of the Gnius wallet marks an important milestone for the Darico team. Although their roadmap does not include any further wallet developments for 2018, it seems safe to assume things will continue to evolve as the year progresses. As is usually the case with a new wallet solution, always do your own research before storing thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency in it.