What Is FunFair?

FunFair is one of those blockchain-oriented projects which aims to change the online casino industry as a whole. We have seen cryptocurrencies make some impact on this industry, but when it comes to blockchain, there are still a lot of opportunities waiting to be explored. FunFair has the potential to elevate things to a whole new level.

What is FunFair Exactly?

On paper, the online gaming and gambling industry has seen a lot of change in recent years. Especially with the shift to digital and online gaming and gambling, a lot of new opportunities have arisen. FunFair wants to make it easier for new entities to launch online casinos. In fact, FunFair wants anyone to be able to run their own casino moving forward, while offering unprecedented transparency and player protection.

How Does it all Work?

A project such as FunFair can only work if the underlying technology is up to par. FunFair aims to become a turnkey casino solution with a focus on decentralization. More specifically, the project uses a serverless decentralized platform to remove any central point of failure potentially vulnerable to hacking and attacks. It is evident any centralized infrastructure will always be a point of weakness.

At the same time, FunFair uses both blockchain technology and smart contracts to offer proper transparency. The online casino industry is lacking in transparency as of right now, and blockchain can play a big role in moving things along. Combined with FunFair’s proprietary Fate Channels technology, games can be played on demand with no delays. Moreover, the games themselves require 10% of the network processing capacity of other blockchain casinos, which makes FunFair a far more efficient solution.

From the look of things, FunFair should be able to solve big problems faced by the online gaming and gambling industry. Its real-time blockchain games will offer a whole new level of gameplay to these sectors moving forward. Whether or not it will become the new standard for casino operators worldwide is a different matter altogether. Game developers may want to start paying attention to this new solution, as it offers a lot of potential.

The FUN Token Explained

FunFair has a native token known as FUN. It is used to enjoy platform-based services, which will result in FUN tokens being burned. The tokens are also used to pay game transaction fees. Game developers will earn FUN by developing and contributing games to the FunFair ecosystem. Affiliates who promote this project and associated casinos can also earn FUN as a sort of referral commission. It is an interesting structure which could bring a lot of real-world value to this token.

The Road Ahead for FunFair

For the time being, FunFair should still be considered a beta platform. The team has already released the beta version of their solution, although an official public release will follow in the very near future. The Progressive Slot game will also be presented in the coming weeks, although there will be some further development needed before players can tap into its full potential. The way things are going, FunFair seems well worth keeping an eye on.