What Is EthBooks?

Books are an excellent way to introduce more people to the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Many such books have been written over the past few years. The recent Humble Book Bundle brought a few of these books to the masses at a more-than-affordable price. It turns out there is a new initiative known as EthBooks which aims to do the same. It’s an interesting concept to keep an eye on; that much is certain.

EthBooks Makes Cryptocurrency Education Easier

It is always good to see more initiatives focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It’s especially good when these efforts try to educate the masses on how these industries will change our daily lives moving forward.  Finding proper books about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology isn’t all that difficult, although it may be a bit more challenging for the non-technical crowd. This is where EthBooks comes into the picture, as the initiative focuses on the educational aspect first and foremost.

This online ebook store only carries books and information related to cryptocurrency. Anyone in the world can upload their work free of charge to the relevant section of the store. This means there is a growing library to take note of on this new platform, assuming creators and publishers take the initiative to share their work. There is no real reason not to do so, but one never knows what the future will bring.

What makes EthBooks so interesting is that individuals can upload their creations and be paid for the work. It seems the only way to buy books will be through the native EBK token, which is to be sold during an upcoming ICO. The choice to not allow for Ethereum or Bitcoin payments will be considered a major missed opportunity in this regard, although things may still change in the future.

It does appear the developers want to create both a web-based front end and a mobile application for people to conveniently buy cryptocurrency-related books. That’s an interesting decision which will certainly be appreciated by the tech-savvy crowd. It remains to be seen if non-tech-savvy users will flock to this platform in the future, though. Only time will tell how things play out in that regard.

If this isn’t ambitious enough, the team claims they will build devices for people to read these books on. The EthReader prototype looks very similar to a Kobo or Amazon Fire tablet, with the main focus being on providing access to the EthBooks store first and foremost. That’s an interesting decision, to say the very least. Publishers will be entitled to an 85% royalty, whereas 15% of purchases will be kept by the EthBooks team.

All things considered, the EthBooks initiative looks interesting, although the chances of this project succeeding remain rather bleak. Creating a custom token to provide a service people can access through multiple other means is questionable. One has to applaud efforts such as this one, although it remains to be seen if the concept will gain any traction whatsoever. Running an ICO to build a web store rather than saving up commissions to build the app and hardware later on is an interesting decision, to say the least.